Do you know 35% of cancers are diet-related

By: Hayden

American studies found, 35% of cancer is due to diet. A meal after meal, are we in cancer impasse? How to do, we may be far from the doom?
A lot of people suspected cancer is related with food that is eaten every day.
World-renowned cancerogist Richard Doll, and Richard Peto once large-scale studied for the American Cancer, made the following conclusions: Diet for cancer has the largest influence, possession of 35%, food-related food additives also accounted for 1%.
Over the past 30 years, U.S. National Cancer Institute learns about the relationship between food and cancer with the increasing budget every year. In the mid-1960s, it has been found that food plays an important role in the development of cancer prevention in the 1970s, scientists established the conclusion in cancer mortality; in 1982, from comparative study of the cancer mortality, diet played an important factor. The more recent study pointed out that 80% of breast cancer and colorectal cancer can be prevented through changes in diet.
Although the attribution of food and cancer is growing, it is still an extremely complex area. Even the National Cancer Institute Diet and cancer group Dr. CarolynK.Clifford, said: "People always want magicbullet, want some simple answers to answer what causes cancer, and prevents cancer, but the fact is: There is no simple answer, it is overall dietary patterns (cause cancer), rather than a single food, although there have been enough evidence to support some of the cancer-related policy, we are still learning."
For 30 years so far, studies have found that many substances in food are related to the development of cancer, including food additives, cooking, food preservation and environmental contaminants and drug residues into the body through food.
However, not all carcinogenic food is "conviction", some foods began to be considered to be carcinogenic, but it is found not later, at least we know that scientists believe that at this stage what foods will make you deadly, and how to protect themselves.
The strong carcinogens in peanuts
The peanut was delicious, but worse is that it is not suitable to be saved in wet weather.
Because the climate is humid, suitable for the growth of mold, mold aflatoxin is a potent carcinogen. In the crops, especially peanut, corn, rice, sorghum, wheat and so on, are vulnerable to contamination. The beans fermented products if not handled properly, such as bean paste, fermented tofu, tempeh, tofu, etc., are also likely to contain aflatoxin.
The study also found that if you are hepatitis B carriers, and exposure to aflatoxin, cigarettes, BBQ and worship incense these risk factors, the chances of getting liver cancer is 40 times to 60 times the general population.
How you to cook, is also risk factors
Your way of cooking will also influence your chances of cancer.
Frying, barbecue, grilled, the high temperatures generated may allow protein denaturation, transform certain substances into carcinogens, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), this substance may be related to gastrointestinal cancer.
In addition, remind women to stir-fry the vegetables crisp and delicious, but the resulting smoke were suspected to be the main cause of women's number one killer - lung cancer.
According to the study, whether use peanut oil, salad oil or lard, the fumes they generated, are carcinogens. He estimates that women get lung cancer, about 50% are due to fumes.
Frying can be dangerous.
U.S. National Cancer Research magazine reported that French fries and other fried starchy foods will produce the ingredients called acrylamide, may cause cancer. Later, Swedish scientists also confirmed that French fries, potato chips and other high-temperature deep-fried or baked starchy foods, contains large amounts of acrylamide, will increase the risk of many types of cancer incidence.
But this study is limited to animal testing that still needs to be further confirmed.
Pickled, and fermented black tragedy
The pickled beans fermented, salted food is a risk factor for esophageal cancer, including salted fish, pickled cucumbers, tempeh, sauerkraut, semi-rotted vegetables and so on.
Accordance with "esophageal cancer and diet-related risk factors research" has found that people more than 40 years old eat tofu, fermented tofu, miso, at least once a week, more 3.6 times the risk of cancer than who do not eat.
The researchers explained, some ingredients in pickles, beans fermented, and salted food, will combine with nitrite together to form carcinogen; these foods are usually very salty. High-salt foods are also promoting factor of cancer cells.

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