Do you have the five bad habits in your kitchen

By: Hayden

First, do not rub table-board before cooking, before cooking disinfect the kitchen operation table, and kitchen utensils have to be re-rinsed again; in the cooking process, utensils contact with raw meat should be washed with warm water in a timely manner; after cooking, the countertops, walls, and kitchen utensils should be immediately cleaned. Rag is the easiest to hide bacteria, the University of Arizona microbiology professor Dr. Charles Mikhail, found in a recent study, in sponges and rags, every 6.5 square centimeters on average carrier 10,000,000 and 1,000,000bacteria respectively, which will affect the brain and athletic ability, and may even lead to paralysis. Rag should be changed frequently. If daily use, had better disinfect with boiling water for 5-10 minutes.
Second, do not pick rings when cook, sometimes even if you wash your hands before cooking, a number of other factors can also affect the health of food. The survey shows that 28% of people do not often trim the nails, before cooking don't remove rings, bracelets and other ornaments, which will bring hidden bacteria into the food.
Third, refrigerate
leftovers not timely, the U.S. Department of Agriculture data showed, in the process of food cooling, if the food temperature is at 4C to -60C, in less than 20 minutes, the bacteria will be increased by 100%, and therefore leftovers should be promptly placed in the refrigerator to cool quickly. Before refrigerated, try to cut food into small pieces or broke up, place in shallow containers to cool faster. Refrigerated cooked food should be eaten within four days. Frozen cooked food should not be more than three months, and before eating the food must be rapidly heated to 74C.
Fourth, do not pay attention to refrigerator temperature, the internal temperature of the refrigerator is usually displayed in the outer side of the refrigerator door, as a general rule, it is best that the refrigerating temperature is 4C and the freezing temperature is -18C. If the refrigerator doesn't have temperature display, had better put thermometer in a glass of water to place on the middle shelf of the refrigerator, so that at any time monitor and control the refrigerator temperature to ensure food safety.
Fifth, put too full of food in the refrigerator, if put too much food in the refrigerator, will not only affect the refrigerator work, but also greatly increase the risk of bacterial cross-infection between food. When storage, raw meat should be placed in the lowest level, and to ensure that it is separated from ready-to-eat food, and other fruits and vegetables to prevent contamination of other foods. Best to have a certain distance between each food to prevent bacteria spread through contact.

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