Do you Want to Achieve More?

By: Patricia Brucoli

Does just having a job mean you are a success? Not really, in my mind; but if you are conscientious and try to do a good job, and you do, then I believe this could be called success. Hopefully someone else will notice your efforts and at least appreciate, if not reward you for it.

Even if you never get credit for the extra work you do, or the fact that, unlike many workers, you don't just go to work to occupy a chair for 8 hours. You have achieved what you set out to do - a good job; in your own mind, you can feel as though you have succeeded.

If you are one of those people that always feels capable of more, feel you are always under-employed and hence, under-compensated, it is hard to feel successful. You really have to do some self-talk about knowing you are better than that, and project that someday you will do more.

Someday, maybe you will wake up and say, life is too short, and I just can't stand to be stifled. I want to achieve my dreams! I can do more, and I am going to do it! If you are stuck in a dead end job just for the benefits, it is sad. Someday you will hopefully get to the place where your dream is so real, that you know that some day you must, at any cost - Fire your boss! Yes! You just must!

You can't run off half-cocked though, so you have to have a plan. Striking out on your own is no easy thing. You have to be willing to make sacrifices. It will be so worth it! Give yourself a short, mid-range and long range goal. For example, a short term goal is to start to build a business of your own in your spare time.

Mid-range you are saving the extra money from your business and living the usual paycheck to paycheck life. Long range is you have replaced your salary, and who knows how much more you can be making!

Right NOW, start to build a part-time business in the evenings and on the weekends. Right here you will feel a huge surge of strength and excitement. You knew there had to be a way out of this maze that is your life as an employee. YOU have taken control of YOUR life.

Think and plan what your business will be. Do some research on what it would involve to start it. Right here, you start telling yourself that you WILL be a success. You ARE a winner, and you CAN do this! Say it to yourself all day. Obstacles? Just go around them.

Project that the midway goal will be to have saved X amount of money and start to plan for the prison break. Realize that it takes much less money to work at home. When I stopped working, I realized a savings of $500 a month, just from my expenses for getting to and from work. This included lunches out, snacks and drinks, gas, bridge toll, and dry cleaning. We won't even talk about the wardrobe, make up, and hair grooming expense.

You can start cutting back on all this now, in order to generate more 'operating capital' for your business. As well, since you will be having too much fun with your business start-up to waste time on entertainment, stop buying CD's, DVD's, movies, going out to dinner, going 'window' shopping. (few people buy windows, so just don't go there!) Just buy the bare essentials, and you will be surprised how much money you can save for something of more value, YOUR freedom!

The day comes when you are ready to rock your world! You have reached your long-range goal. Look in the mirror and say 'you are the only boss I will ever have again in this lifetime!' Reward yourself with a big dinner with your favorite co-workers and friends, to announce and celebrate your liberation from the hamster wheel! Do not spare yourself any praise! You want to look and feel as self-confident and victorious as possible, when you (drum roll) walk in, sit yourself down, and deliver your letter of resignation. Then get up, toss your hair, and with a big smile, say See Ya!

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