Do-it-yourself Waterproof Crate Cushion Pads

By: Vikram Kuamr

Is there really any need to seek expert services in coming up with a waterproof crate cushion for your dog? It is very costly which you can save on by coming up with a customized crate. You will find it useful for having your dog to sleep on whenever you are out training. There are no more concerns of running around with your pet which can interrupt your training. Therefore, the following instructions will give you a guideline on how to come up with waterproof crate cushion pads on your own without outsourcing. The first step will be gathering together all the supplies you will be using and they include an egg crate, shower curtain and scissors.

After that, you can continue with the next step that is cutting the egg crate and that should be in line with the given specifications. The dimensions should match those of the crate while variations should be very minimal if at all there will be any to be experienced. For ease when cutting, it is recommended that you lay the egg crate at the top of the crate and then cut out the edges. That eliminates any requirement for taking measurements. Trimming of the shower curtain will be the step to follow and you should do that by spreading it out on the floor with the design part facing downwards. You will have to conceal all the sections of the shower curtain that you want to be sown by placing the egg crate.

The curtain shower should then be wrapped around the egg crate to allow you to trim out any parts that you donít want to be part of the waterproof crate cushion pads. If there is any section of the shower curtain with a metal ring then it has to be chopped off. You can now begin wrapping your crate cushion pads with the parts remaining after you trimmed the curtain shower. Begin by having the curtain folded from one edge and then take on the opposing side. They should be tight enough so donít allow the curtain to loosen. A duct tape is then used to hold the two edges firmly into place which will minimize chances of creases or ripples occurring.

Look for another person to lend a helping hand which will be ideal for perfection to be achieved. If at all there is nobody around to help you then donít get bothered as you can do even better when alone. It is that easy coming up with waterproof crate cushion pads on your own. You will have the privilege of customizing them as per your needs and those of the pet. There is no need of seeking the help of an expert anymore.

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There will always be a way out when seeking to come up with customized waterproof crate cushion pads for your dog. You need to follow the given instructions and everything will turn out professionally and successful. Incurring costs will not be an option for you when seeking crate cushion pads for raised dog beds.

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