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Football is a kind of ball game which is quite Popular in the UK, USA, Australia, Japan and other countries. Originated in Britain, the former name of it is called Rugby football. Because the ball shape is just like olives, it is well known as olive ball in China.

Rugby is a city in central England, where there is a School gave birth to the rugby. According to legend, a student at the school in 1823, WW Ellis, who joined a school football competitions, and played a wrong way because of a mistake. Very sorry to say, he even desperately picked up the ball and ran. Later that, running with the ball in the case became frequent in the school's football games. Although this is a foul play, but it gives a new revelation. As time goes on, it is gradually accepted as a legitimate actions.

Rugby is a collisional type of movement. Pushing in the direction to stop the attack and defending the ball is often seen in that game. Therefore, the defense team member will, through physical contact, stop the cases under his opponent. However, the players can not kick, hit or trip opponents at any time. Defense is also not allowed to pull each other's mask with his helmet, or pick up his opponent and then fell off. In addition to these "too rough" actions, other defensive and attacktive movements are considered legitimate.

The offensive player who is responsible for blocking should avoid blocking a lot of space for the defensive players in the other side. In that way, he may make the other side player miss a certain ball.

The impact of this kind of football game is more popular but riskful than any other American team sports. For this reason, many players are required to wear special protective gear, such as a padded plastic helmet, shoulder, hip and knee protection. These pads are introduced in the first decades long long ago, and have always been improved in order to achieve the goal of reducing player injuries.

While there are much protection equipments and related cases to protect the safety of the ball, but the injuries when playing football still are common to see. According to the U.S. National Research Center‘s serious sports injuries data, 25 players were killed in the rugby game, the majority of them are high school students in 2000-2004. Concussion is one of the common injuries. According to the Brain Injury Association of Arizona data, each year about sixty-two thousand high school students were hurt by the concussion. What’s more, a higher risk of injury is in the park's recreational or amateur competition, because there is no standard equipment.

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