Do You Think You Are Funny?

By: Brock Mccarthy

Are you funny? I mean really funny. When you tell a story; do your friends and family gather around with expectation? Even before your reel out the punch line; are they already cracking up? Do you make up your own stories and jokes for other's amusement? If the answer to most of these questions is 'yes'; then maybe you should consider a career as a comedian. Obviously this line of work is not for everybody, but imagine being paid just to tell a few jokes to people. Maybe you have a special skill set; one that makes other happy. Here are a few tips on how to take that plunge into the world of show business a little easier.

It's Showtime!

Do not hesitate; before you make any big plans you should get on a stage as soon as possible. It is the only way to see if you have what it takes to make it as a comedian. You can practice your new material in the mirror as much as you want, but the only way to hone your skill is in front of a live audience. They may seem brutal at a first glance, but they will give you honest feedback; this is invaluable for a novice comedian. You can probably find a slot easily enough on a comedy night at any number of local venues. Some comedians cut their teeth by performing several times per night; you will learn by the mistakes and start to understand how to control a crowd.

Be Brave!

It's only natural that some of your performances and jokes will not be appreciated by everyone. If you have a bad night and wish the ground would swallow you up; do not give up, but try and learn from the way your material is appreciated or not. Sometimes you will only have a few seconds in which to turn the crowd back onto your side. These talents are what separates the professionals from the 'also rans'.


Always be on the lookout for new jokes and different ways to tell your old jokes. A good joke can last forever; maybe your original material needs a revamp? Look at current affairs and try to weave something more recent into some of your classic side splitters.

Be Original

No matter how funny that other chap's jokes may seem; do not be tempted to make them your own. The world of comedy is a fairly tight knit one; it will not be long before your theft has been noticed.

Do Not Stay On Stage Too Long

You will be given an allotted time slot stick to this! It is very unprofessional to encroach on another's chance in the limelight. You will upset the management and make a few enemies on the stage to boot. But also do not cut the slot short; you have been given ten or fifteen minutes, and that's what you will deliver.


No matter how tempting it may seem; do not insult your audience. They will be the ones who come back week after week; do not bite the hand that feeds you!

What's Next?

Hopefully you have taken some of these tips on board; what are you waiting for? Get out there and have some fun!

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