Do You Think Internet Marketing is Recession Proof?

By: Harbans Lal

When the economy goes south, be thankful for your computer, your DSL connection, and all you know about SEO, PPC and site design. One of the coolest aspects of Internet marketing is how resistant the process is to economic downturns. Hold on now before you call me out on that statement...allow me to explain.Sure, plenty of the big sites will take a hit - no doubt about it. However, for the many one-man-shows out here (or one-woman shows!), broad economic problems do not have to mean troubled times. Never before in history have business owners enjoyed such flexibility. In hard times, online marketers can easily write the book on "going with the flow".

Here's why the Internet offers a far superior platform during hard times:

Imagine you own the local car dealership when the economy tanks. You are stuck with that business and are forced to simply "ride it out" when the economy slows. Of course you throw in some marketing bells and oil changes and tires for life for example... and squeeze all you can out of the local market. However, there is only so much that can be done to convince economy skittish people to sign up for their $20,000 dream car when times get tough.Likewise, an upscale clothing store will see many of its customers at Wal-Mart when the economy slows. Some niches will be harder hit than others, but one thing is almost certain: Brick and mortar businesses burdened with overhead will feel the pain.

Online entrepreneurs have an advantage however. We aren't joined at the hip to any one business. If things go awry in one niche, for what ever reason, there are always others which smart marketers can jump into. For details visit to, even during hard times, there are still marketers making a LOT of money in the right niches. All an Internet entrepreneur has to do is retool a bit and go after those niches. Can you imagine the car dealer or clothing store owner switching gears during a downturn and building another business or two during those hard times? I don't think so.

Even during down times, there are countless underdeveloped niches ripe for exploiting. Many of these seemed too small when times were good; now they can easily pull up the slack for savvy marketers. For more details visit to www.acheiving-liftoffs.comThe risk for branching out is minimal. Domains are cheap, hosting is cheap, a new site can be thrown up in a matter of weeks if not days - nothing beats the opportunity of an Internet business in a questionable economy.

When the talking heads preach economic woes, be thankful you had the foresight to learn Internet marketing. Be thankful you aren't looking over your shoulder for the layoff hammer to fall. Be thankful your business is all but free of overhead. Be thankful you control your dreams!

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