Do You Really Need Protein Shakes?

By: Peter Roseberg

The advent of protein shakes has really made dieting on the go quite easy and easy to commit to. When you are too busy leading a hectic lifestyle and barely have time to sit down and eat a proper meal, these shakes makes sure you get your daily recommended protein intake and keep to your healthy diet and exercise regimen.

Healthy adults should get about 45 to 56 grams of protein a day and we can all usually get them from eating protein-rich foods. For bodybuilders in particular, getting enough protein is important especially since it is best for muscle recovery after their intense training sessions and also to keep them from experiencing a catabolic crisis, which is to say, the stage wherein muscles experience a breakdown. They also need protein because they exercise regularly and need immediate nourishment after their workouts.

Adhering to a high-protein diet has many benefits, including feeling full longer and constantly being in a happy mood because protein is digested slower than fat and carbs, hence the dieter or the bodybuilder doesnít feel the need to eat as often so this leads to significant weight loss, which is often one of their main fitness goals. This is why they often carry with them a bottle or two of protein shakes when on the go.

Protein shakes can range from 100% protein content to mostly carbohydrates with a little added protein and fat. Their popularity is also helped along by the fact that they come in a variety of flavors, either in powder form or ready-to-drink packages. Whey protein isolate shakes in particular, are best for those who lactose-intolerant because it has less by-products and lactose than concentrate. They usually have a neutral flavor and mixes better than other varieties.

When choosing the best protein shakes, it pays to read the label first. If thereís even one ingredient you canít pronounce or absolutely not familiar with, put it back on the shelf. Supplements are not regulated by the FDA which is why they proliferate the market and even as there is a wide variety to choose from, it doesnít mean you can go ahead and pick at random without ever doing your research.

Also, choosing the best protein shakes depends on how much protein you need. A dieter for example, will need less protein than that of a bodybuilder or an endurance athlete. A dieter who just needs to lose weight should ingest a protein shake that is mainly protein, with fewer carbohydrates and fats as opposed to a bodybuilder who needs equal amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fats to build muscle.

And lastly, the best protein shakes will also depend on the type of protein shake you choose: milk, whey, casein, egg, soy and rice are just some of the popular types of protein shake that bodybuilders go for, with casein and whey being top picks. The source of the protein and how it is manufactured can determine the way your body uses it so before you buy anything off the shelves, you need to consult a qualified sports nutritionist concerning what type of protein shakes are best for you.

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Choosing the best whey protein isolate shakes are easy when you really need them and know where to get them.

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