Do You Really Have To Pay For Internet Marketing Knowledge?


Deciding how you want to learn about Internet Marketing is fairly easy. If you can afford it, pay for it. If you can't, invest your time instead of your rent money. Practically everything you need to know can be had for free on the Internet. The problem is finding it when you get Google search results like this: "Results 1 - 10 of about 196,000,000"! There's often a good chance that what you need isn't in the first 50 results, if you need specific answers to carefully defined questions.

Then there's the matter of what looks good vs. what actually works. You can find plenty of advice that seems to make good sense. The problem is, it's wrong now. It may have worked in the recent past, but a vital change has made it obsolete. Then it doesn't matter if it's free advice or a costly product - you're being led astray. You can also mistake truly good advice for one area and try and apply it, wrongly, to another area. Your own lack of knowledge could land you in the wrong place with the wrong solution.

If you're a rugged individualist, hardened and toughened by life, you may feel that making your own mistakes on your own is the way to go. There's a major problem with that - Internet Marketing changes quickly and broadly. Because of the networking capabilities the pros use to keep abreast of changes in the marketplace, the whole market can change course with the speed and united action of a flock of birds in flight. One minute, they're all headed right, the next, they've wheeled and are heading left.

The best education you can find is through a mentor. While a mentor can't do your homework for you or teach you everything you need to know, you have the benefit of the experience and wisdom of someone who's walked the walk you are beginning.

Again, this can be a paid relationship, earned through barter or offered as a gift. If you demonstrate a willingness to learn and work on your own, apply patience and persistence to your efforts, you may attract the attention of the right person to help you at no cost to you. This is rare, but it happens.

Even without a personal mentor, you can get all the assistance that you need from a network of like-minded people. They'll be at different levels of accomplishment and experience, but gather together for a common cause. Not all aspects of Internet Marketing are dog-eat-dog. Dogs are pack animals, and run together to benefit both the individual and the group.

Invest some of your time in finding and participating in a group of IM business owners that are using the power of networking to help each other succeed. There are free and paid forums for discussion, groups of topic-specific memberships and the like that you can join. The Golden Rule is generally the main guidance for behaving in such groups. Specific rules and regulations vary, so make sure you read and understand them before you blunder into them.

Once you've become an active participant and developed a feel for the subject you need to learn, you'll be better prepared to decide if paying for an "info-product" or service is right for you. Surprisingly, some of the very inexpensive products can deliver exactly what you want and need, without having to mortgage your future.

That's the power of being an "insider" - you get the best deals and first rate service because you're a part of the group. Even better, your group may be the source of your expansion, growth and success as a business, because you can work together and share your assets to the benefit of all concerned.

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