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By: Pat Patrickson

Doing a reverse phone directory lookup can make the difference between peace of mind, and intolerable stress. Not knowing who a loved one is communicating with could be frustrating or disturbing.

There are a number of reasons why you would need to do a reverse phone directory lookup. On the one hand, it could be concern about a new friend your child is hanging out with. It may be that your child is contacting someone you do not approve of, and you need to confirm your suspicions before you can plan a confrontation.

On the other hand, you may be dealing with suspected infidelity from your partner. There is nothing worse than suspecting you are being betrayed, and not having any means of proving it. Being able to trace one single phone number may help you to bring the truth to light, or (hopefully) lay your fears to rest.

Thanks to the technology allowing the tracking of phone numbers, stalkers find it a lot harder to hide their identities. Previously it was easy for a stalker to call you anonymously and make your life miserable. However, all that has changed.

Lastly, there is the ability to quickly come down on prank callers. Although some people would classify it as "normal" for a growing child to get into mischief, many people would take exception if an elderly person was woken in the middle of the night simply for the sake of someone else's amusement. Times have changed, and so have our expectations and our definition of acceptable behavior.

It is possible to trace cell phone numbers. Most land line numbers can be traced free of charge, but unlisted numbers and cell phone numbers cannot. Fortunately, there are a few professional phone tracking services available to help you with a reverse phone directory lookup.

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