Do You Make These Mistakes With Adult Asthma Treatment?

By: Don Pedro

An emergency aid for a person under the asthma attack is essential. A couple of the holy basil leaves mixed with honey will create a form of relief from asthma attack. Note this is just a first aid and receiving professional medical attention is paramount.
Asthma is a respiratory disorder caused by the inflammation of the respiratory tract. Asthma causes respiratory difficulties through the blockage of the tract by thick mucus layers. If something isn't done about asthma, it can lead to the death of a victim. That's why as soon as you discover you have asthma, you should see your doctor immediately.
Lemon juice is said to be very effective in the reduction of asthma attacks. Diluting lemon juice with a glass of water and given to the patient will clear the air path for easy passage and for easy breathing. Don't just dismiss such claims. Instead, try it out to see if it will work for you, since it has no side effects.
It pays to view asthma as a condition and not a disease. If you view asthma as a disease you'll be threatened by it and psychologically, it begins to control you. When you view it as a condition you will learn to know the things that will help you control it and live a normal life.
Testing a patient for asthma may go beyond visual examinations. Although asthma can be detected by visual examination in cases where the rib and chest cavity of the patient have expanded to form a barrel like case, it may take laboratory analysis of sputum or mucus from the nose for eosinophils, to detect asthma.
Asthma attacks relate to difficulties in breathing. Practicing breathing exercises can help reduce the effect of the attack when it comes. There are various breathing exercises that you can practice whenever you are under attack. An example of a very effective breathing exercise is the Buteyko.
Honey is a very effective ingredient in the treatment of asthma symptoms. You can decide to mix it with cinnamon powder or just add to hot water and take a dose before sleeping. Whichever you decide, don't be short of honey in your home if you are an asthma patient.
Fighting asthma naturally includes a diet adjustment. A good asthma diet includes fresh raw fruits and vegetable salad. Make sure the salad includes a whole avocado and a half cup of seed. You can dress the salad with vegetable oil mixed with lemon juice or MSG free soy sauce.

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