Do You Know How To Sing In Your Daily Life ?

By: yang

When I am singing ,sometimes I do not have unclear enunciation of words , how to do with it?
In the past, people always have bias to pop songs : as long as music is good , the good throat might be enough without any method . Thus, there are many singers not to study breathe, pronunciation, sound position . It cause bass is parched and white, Soprano pulled from dry throat extrusion. Although it can fool layman's ears after recording studio treatment , its prototype is exposed in the scene . Today's famous singer, both the mainland Mao Amin, Weiwei, Liu Huan, and Hong Kong's Deng Lijun and Taiwan's Teresa teng, kid's Anne's space, superior guest Li Lin, or Lionel , Richie, Jackson and Madonna abroad, you know they have passed strict vocal music training and all have the scientific vocalizations, after listening to them . As guitar lovers ,we are not required to have high vocal skills, but should know some methods to sing , in order to make oneself fruity and relaxed .
Now introduce you several effective practice methods of breathing
1 Breathing in .
Imagine yourself in a beautiful garden to have deeply smell of flowers with extraordinary fragrance -- this is the singer's inspiration. After Breathing in , make a short-stop like before sneezing to experience the feeling of low expansion of around back , then you can find the feeling that is singing key.
2 Breathing out or exhaling
the way to exhale is to use the power of diaphragm,to hold feeling of waist circle expansion . Then breath slowly and relieve. You can prepare a paper of 10 square centimetre in size , put it on the wall, your mouth has the distance of 4-6 centimeter to blow air to the paper .keeping the paper not falling for more than half minutes shall be qualified. You can also blow a burning candle with "u" sound. the correct result is that the fire does not go out but oscillates.
3 How to train diaphragm strength
The strength of the diaphragm is very important to keep the intensity of breath and sound . The traditional training methods are:
(1). To count numerals: take a deep breath, keep it using the power of waist laps . then count from 1 to 60 for qualified. Count uniformly, rhythmic, and cannot steal breath.
(2). Soot-blower: take a deep breath, then blow forward like blowing the dust off the table . Slowly and quick, realize the diaphragm strength.
(3). do more sit-ups to enhance the strength of waist and abdomen

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