Do You Know How To Have Closure In Relationships?

By: Charlie Stelfox

Having a relationship is one of the greatest events in life that you can have. Having a relationship can make you joyful or it can make you sad. It's all part of the process of being in a relatinoship and how you are able to cope with issues.

But when one person or the other feels that they can't cope is when the environment becomes a little tough. If it comes down to it and the relationship ends then it's time for a major life overhaul. If the separation of the relationship is permanent then you'll have to know to have closure in relationships.

So many people never get around to facing the facts to having closure and it hangs on their mind for a long time. Until there is a closure on any past relationship you won't be able to go forward in life emotionally. Closure is a necessary part of life in order for you to get on with yours.

My opinion on the closure of relationships is to have it one way or the other but not both. Either try and get the relationship back together or close that chapter of your life and go forward. Don't be in the middle of trying to figure out a lot of what ifs.

That won't work. You'll drive yourself crazy and make everyone around you miserable. Understanding that closure is a process rather than a one time project might be easier to understand.

If you have definitely made the decision to call off the relationship then it's time for you to take action. This action will be a series of steps that I will outline below that will help you overcome the emotional trauma that a closure in relationships can bring.

The reason that these steps are necessary is because if the relationship has been fulfilling in the past it's very hard to let go. I know it hurts and even more if there was no final goodbye. No final letter, no final phone call. The closure seemed abrupt and it shouldn't have been.
Now it's time for you to get on with your life if there really is no possibility for the relationship to get back together again. Later on we'll find out if this is a real permanent break or just a needed break in the relationship.

One thing for sure is not to stay in denial. Not accepting the facts of life will only make your life worse. Each and every day you will wonder why something happened if you could have changed it. Forget about it. You need to follow some steps that I now finally will reveal to you.

These steps will help you finalize the relationship and help you come back stronger emotionally. You'll be in control of yourself and if you want an opportunity to find out what really went wrong with the relationship you'll have a chance at that.

#1 Write a letter.
Make this letter special. Write a letter letting go of all your inner feelings. Write a letter to your partner letting him or her know how cruel they were to you. Let out whatever you've been feeling inside of you. As long as you write it down, it doesn't matter what you write. When you've completed writing that letter go ahead and sign and date it.

Now burn it. Yes I mean burn it. Something magical happens to you when you write down your thoughts on paper.You have released your thoughts to the universe and now it's out in the open. This is not voodoo stuff but stuff that works. By writing your thoughts allows your mind to become free.
You've written everything down that you wanted and burned it. You feel better now don't you?

#2 Forgive.
Easier said than done. Especially if you've been wronged. But life is short and we can't let one relationship ruin our whole lives. No matter whom the person was we can't let one person determine our future. People are at different levels of maturity and everyone has to understand that aspect of life.

Sometimes people aren't ready for a commitment. Sometimes they aren't ready to be at a level that you want them too. It doesn't matter. Learning how to forgive is a highly desirable trait to have and if you can pull this off then you are almost guaranteed a bright future.

Following these two basic steps will at least make you feel better about yourself if you follow them. The sooner you do this the better off you will be.

To show who is in charge and master of the game of life you need to take control of life.

It's your turn to make your life as prosperous and happy as you can.

Once you have your emotions under control you can slowly touch bases again and see if there is any possibility of reconciliation. If not, so be it. If it is to be then great. You've trekked a long ways in this world in finding yourself. You have found closure in relationships so that you can go on your way with your own life.

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