Do You Know How Internet Marketing Coming To Its Demise?

By: Rajat k

This article due to itís length will be done in two parts. So if everyone is ready; is Internet Marketing coming to its demise? Thatís a heck of a question and for too, many there is a lot of truth to it. People are a funny breed. First if there is a way to make a fast buck without doing anything they are all over it. The internet started out to be a great vehicle for many things to include a way to set up viable businesses and help others. As for most good things some are there to figure out a way to trick, con and steal peopleís money thus destroying the credibility of the vehicle being used. So is the case with internet marketing.

Have you seen anything things like this; Get Happy With money *Make $18,000 in One Day? * Who wants to be a millionaire? * NEW-Turn $25 into $75000-NO MONTHLY FEES! unstoppable! * HIGHEST Rated 6-Figure CASH Generating SYSTEM-Get RICH TODAY * ARE YOU STILL STRUGGLING TO make money online..? ?>> FREE EBOOK>> * What If I Could Show YOU How To Make An Extra $4000 Per Week From Home!! I could go on and on but I think you get my meaning . . . right?

Recently, I conducted a study just for the so called internet marketing area. So I set up an email account for what I call a junk suppository, yes I said suppository not depository. Its purpose was to collect various internet marketing offers. I ran this test for 7 days and I received 15,768 emails. First I was blown away just on the quantity alone. My next step was to take a sampling to try and determine a pattern which was not hard to find. Next I decided to get involved with a few of these so called money making offers and follow their instruction to the letter (if there were any) to see if my "$18,000 in one day" would come to be true. So let us look at a typical case. First the claim "Make $20,000 in one month!" Heard that one before? So letís take a look at this miraculous feat. Okay, I know that sounds sarcastic but . . .well youíll see.

So how to make $20,000 in one month. First create an e-book "Unknown secrets of making money on the internet." (Understand I just made that up) Now understand there is a lot of information on what works out there and what does not. So simply, you gather information you "Found on the Internet!" cut and paste it into your text editor do some rewording and intentional typos, for more details visit to make a fancy cover and there you go (there are a lot of free eBook cover generator software programs out there).

Now you price this thing ridiculously low, letís say $2.00 and donít forget to make a statement like, "This book should be sold for $47.00 but for the next 48 hours (std JavaScript for a countdown) I will be offering this fantastic money generator information to all my friends, for more details visit to clients and future clients for this ridiculously low price of $2.00. . . .Yes you heard me right! ďSound familiar?"

Now what you do is create a lead page (sales page, splash page) and offer some free bonus eBook which you got free with rights to entice your potential client with. So now you have a "Not Only" statement. That is a statement that generally states "Not only do you get the "Unknown secrets of making money on the internet" but we will give you (you fill in the blank) all this for only $2.00!" As far as you sales page you add some bogus testimonials of how great your book is and how much they made by implementing your program, a few pop-up hype ads and a PayPal button and there you go.

Next in this process is to launch this page. There are many ways to accomplish this task, but before you launch make sure you placed strategic keywords in the lead page meta tags and launch to search engines.

A savvy internet marketer has a huge list from previous campaigns and will launch this new campaign through mass email programs. Itís not unusual for the accomplished marketer to have a list of 50,000 or more. This email would say something like this, first the title, "Learn the Secrets to amassing wealth no one will tell you". Then in the body "Primary Launch to my loyal clients and potential clients tired of not making a dime on the internet. I will share with you how I amassed $20,000 a month. Limited number available and for 48 hours only. Get it now before the price goes up." This would be the type of email verbiage used with the URL link to the newly created "Lead Page". Upload this email into the mass email program and launch it. This will be running in the background while preparing the launch for the other avenues. Do same with a creative email to every safelist, ad blasters, FAAís and traffic exchanges you are a member of. Making sure you place a unique tracking ad id with every different launch.

Letís look at the numbers on this. Standard return is 2%. So he launched to his list 50,000 for his list, est. 25,000 for safelists, ad blasters 500,000, FAAís 3,000,000 and finally traffic exchanges 50,000. Were not even going to count the search engine hits. 3,625,000 @ 2% = 72,500 @ $2.00= $145,000 over a conservative six month period the cash flow would be $24,166.00 per month. But wait I said this was to run for only 48 hours right? Yes I did and that is what will be done. The first run is for 48 hours but you now make a modification to you lead page to state "Due to immense popularity of this product we have extended this offer another 48 hours." Here how it breaks down; you first make the initial offer run it for the 48 hours, wait 24 hours reset the countdown clock in your code and just place it back out there. Every 48 hours you go in and reset the java script to restart the 48 hour countdown. You place ad tracker campaigns, as mentioned before for the various launches you made and determine where you are getting the most action. You keep doing this as you track your sales. A bar chart is great for this as you can visually see the peaks and valleysí of your sales and where the biggest volume is. You will eventually see a down turn in sales and that tells your initial run is done.

I really want you to pay attention to this next step because this is where you the consumer get taken for the proverbial ride. First, I must recap what we have done. We created an eBook that is on a subject based on successful capital generation using the internet market. We priced it so low it really is not a gamble for the consumer. We injected into the internet market through multiple venues. We setup a 48 hour clock to create a sense of urgency, but ran the sale for six months. We tracked the sales, made a significant amount of money, created a larger customer list, charted sales and trends and finally the burnout of the project. Also you have documented proof of your sales that you can use for the next phase. Now here is the crazy thing. What I basically stated here in this article is what the intent of the content of the eBook you paid $2.00 for. This is not secret it is common place.

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