Do Nurses Really Help Men With Sperm Donation

By: Thulas Sukati

Sperm donation is the practice by which a man donates his semen to be used specifically to produce a baby for another couple whom he may or may not know. Sperm is collected, checked, recorded and stored in a sperm bank for later use.

While sperm is usually donated anonymously each country has its own laws on the privacy of the act and may only allow the use of sperm from one man for a set number of conceptions. Using a known donor means that you will ask someone you know to donate their sperm for you to use.

However, the most likely scenario is that he will donate sperm anonymously so the woman receiving it will not know any personal details of the donor. The problem of DNA testing and laws regarding data protection have made it harder for a sperm donor to remain anonymous and depending where you live in the world; children may request details of the sperm donor.

Sperm donation is normally given by men between the ages of 18 and 35 and to be a donor, a man must be healthy with no known hereditary, genetic disease or any serious disability so men who are or have been drug users or those who are HIV positive are not suited to become donors. Sperm banks check a donor's background and medical history in addition to his habits, physical characteristics, and family history are of which are carefully recorded to help in future matching with recipients.

Not only that but the donor will have to undergo medical tests to ensure he is clear of HIV and sexually transmitted disease in addition to his blood group. Safety of the woman and her child are paramount so these test will ensure neither are at risk from infection contained within the sperm.

This is made possible by tests carried on the donated sperm at the sperm bank and to ensure the sperm will be viable, all details are carefully recorded before the donor can be registered with them. Once this has been completed, all sperm donations are placed in quarantine for approximately six months so that the health of the sperm can be checked thoroughly.

Male infertility can mean that many infertility treatments currently available will not be possible if the man suffers with male factor infertility. There are a number of sperm issues that make it difficult if not impossible for a man to impregnate his partner such as abnormally shaped sperm, sperm that do not move properly or a low sperm count. Increasing numbers of women and couples trying for a child are finding the benefits of sperm donation to achieve their dream.

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