Do Not Injure Yourself on a Scooter

By: Josh Brennon

Scooters are an incredibly fun board to ride. You can ride them on the street or on ramps. You can do some awesome tricks, and ride them for a long time. One thing that will keep you riding your scooter longer is being safe when you are riding. If you are wearing protective gear and fall, most of the time you can get right back up on your scooter and keep riding. If you are not wearing protective gear and fall, most of the time you will get seriously injured and have to stop riding. Scooters come equipped with adjustments and different style boards for all riders that if used correctly can help keep you safe on the scooter. And always remember to take it slow when learning new things on the scooter. Do not try a trick that is way out of your skill level. Work up to the tough tricks by learning the easy tricks first.

It is important to always wear a helmet when riding your scooter. A helmet is the most important protective gear to wear. If you injure your head it could be very serious. It is usually much more serious then if you injure an arm or leg, and wearing a helmet will minimize the injury tremendously. It is also good to wear pads for your knees, elbows and wrists. I think that knee pads are always good to wear, but when you are trying new tricks or something you are not comfortable with you should put on all the pads to ride.

Scooters, like the A series from Razor, come in different sizes for different riders. It is important to ride a scooter that fits you well. You will be more comfortable therefore keeping you safer as you ride. Try the A1 you are a younger rider, and as you get older try riding the A2, A3 and Pro models. All of these scooters also have adjustable handlebars. This is important because the handlebars are a big part of riding the scooter and the safety of the scooter. Make sure the handlebars are set comfortable height for you. This will help keep you safe as well as make the scooter easier to ride, also making tricks easy to learn and do.

When learning new tricks on your scooter it is important to take it slow. Do not go out on your first day and try to bust out a back flip on a ramp. Start with simple tricks and as you get comfortable try tricks that are a little harder. A lot of people get injured on their scooters because they want to bust out some tricks that are beyond their skill level.

So remember to always wear a helmet and pads when riding. Determine the scooter that fits you best and make sure the adjustable handle bars are set correctly for your size. Everything should feel comfortable when riding. Once you feel comfortable and want to learn tricks, remember to take it slow and learn one at a time and do not get to far ahead of yourself. But most importantly have fun.

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Razor Scooters can be dangerous to ride. Remember to ride safe and always wear a helmet . Its always good to ride safe if you are riding any board like a scooter, caster board or a skateboard.

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