Do Most Of The Chiropractors Charge Reasonably?

By: Joel Herman

There has been a great deal of disagreement about the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment in pain management. There are those who are skeptical about the treatment technique and its ability to relive pain. This, however, has not stopped many people from turning to chiropractors to treat back pain, and there is great evidence to prove that the treatment works.

Chiropractors help to reduce back pain in patients by realigning the patient's spine through vertebrae manipulation. They are highly skilled at moving the vertebrae back into position using their hands. In most cases, the process has to be repeated a couple of times to achieve complete success. Some chiropractors use different mechanical devices or small tools that look like hammers, to tap the vertebrae back into the position.

The popularity of chiropractic treatment has continued to grow as patient look for alternative treatment methods. Many believe this technique is much safer than medication and other treatment procedures. The first visit to a chiropractor will usually include a number of tests, as well as questions on medical history and the position of the pain. Some chiropractors will then perform x-rays to try and determine any misalignments on the spine and other specific problems. Once the problem areas have been identified, the chiropractor begins a series of adjustments. When done right, this treatment is usually not painful. The patient will then be asked to return for regular visits until the pain has been eliminated or reduced.

The cost of chiropractic treatment will often differ from one practice to another. On average each session can cost $65 for general vertebrae adjustment, where the doctor applies pressure on the back and neck to relive pain or pressure. The average cost can be anywhere between $30 and $120 depending on the region. New patients will usually pay more because of consultation and tests.

There is also an additional fee for X-rays, where cost can be anywhere from $40 to $160 depending on the facility. Most medical insurance plans cover certain levels of chiropractic treatment. The duration and frequency of the sessions will depend on the severity of the pain and the more sessions needed, the more expensive the treatment will be. Some patients will not require more than two sessions before relief is experienced.

Some chiropractors have additional services that are used to reduce tension, or to treat chronic ailments. Some even offer massage and acupuncture as part of their treatment, which is usually an additional cost. Doctors who work on cash- only basis without dealing with insurance companies usually charge lower fees. Those who have individual practices will also typically charge less than those working in medical groups.

As you look for a chiropractor, it is important to deal with one who is certified and licensed to work in your area. Education, skill and experience are required before anyone can become a reputable chiropractor. It is important to note that there are some unscrupulous practitioners who may be looking to get as much money as possible from their patients, by arranging for them to have more sessions than necessary.

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