Do Bio-Identical Hormones cause Toxicity and Side Effects?

By: Chris Robertson

Bio-identicals, or hormone replacement therapy (HRT), has become a popular way to combat hormonal problems in women. It is the replacement or replenishing of hormones to the body using synthetic hormones (produced in a lab) or sometimes natural hormones. Women that experience hot flashes, hair loss, low sex drive, uterine fibroids, wrinkly skin, depression or fatigue, allergy problems and other symptoms are often diagnosed with a hormone imbalance. Then medicines are prescribed that contain these "natural hormones" to help replenish the body's hormone deficiency. Unfortunately, new evidence reveals that both synthetic and natural bio-identical hormones can be toxic and may even pose a cancer threat. They may actually hinder the body's own hormone-producing capabilities.

Many consumers of HRT are simply not educated about bio-identicals and how the process of hormone replacement may affect their body. In more than 1000 saliva tests (used in traditional Chinese medicine), natural estrogen, progesterone and wild yam creams caused extreme toxicity in the subjects' hormone levels. Hormone replacement is based on the idea that as the body ages, it becomes unable to produce the appropriate number of hormones necessary for good health. Though the body does change the process of hormone production somewhat, hormone problems arise due to the body being unhealthy no matter a person's age.

Toxicity Discovered in a Number of Bio-Identicals

Natural hormone replacement medicines must be absolutely fresh to be truly bio-identical. This is difficult to achieve with manufactured products. It is also difficult to provide an exact match for hormones that are produced naturally by the body. The toxicity levels of testosterone, DHEA and growth hormone are well documented; however, these are often prescribed by doctors casually without a thought of toxicity.

Insulin is prescribed for many diabetic patients, but is toxic and always has some side effects. Physicians are well aware of the extreme care that must be used to avoid insulin shock, which can be fatal. Although it's up to the patient (not the doctor), many diabetics can correct their insulin problems through proper diet. There is, however, a need for insulin replacement in extreme cases until the person's body is able to produce its own insulin.

Another very toxic bio-identical hormone is estrogen. It is considered by many to be the primary carcinogen. Yet, natural and synthetic estrogen is administered to many menopausal women and others with hormone imbalances without restraint.

HRT and Breast Cancer

Another concern of HRT is the risk of breast cancer. In 2002, a study was documented that involved a randomized controlled trial with the Women's Health Initiative. The study found that users of HRT had a 26 percent higher risk of breast cancer than non-users. The increased risk may occur after only three years of using hormone replacement therapy.

What are other Solutions?

Women that suffer from a hormone imbalance should consider the risks carefully before using a bio-identical hormone replacement medicine. Though there are some instances where HRT may be necessary such as in the case of complete organ failure or life-threatening diabetes, many hormone problems can be solved using homeopathic means. First and foremost, a saliva test should be taken to pinpoint hormone problems. Before moving forward with any treatment or program, you'll need to know where your body is deficient when it comes to hormones.

Secondly, take control of diet and nutrition. Incorporate foods that are natural antioxidants. Avoid caffeine, which dehydrates the adrenal glands, as well as sugar. Opt for a diet that helps build the endocrine system. A doctor that specializes in homeopathy, such as Dr. Theresa Dale, can help you find a viable solution of diet and exercise to fit your lifestyle. Dr. Dale helps women realize their hormonal problems through saliva testing, and then offers a complete program to rejuvenate hormones, not replace them. She helps hormone imbalance sufferers through natural products such as EndoPure Hormone Rejuvenation, solutions to eliminate and cleanse the body of toxins and parasites, and even homeopathic products to relieve flu symptoms, such as All Flu.

Take care of your teeth and gums. Poor dental health can cause hormonal imbalances as well as accelerated aging. Minimize stress in your everyday life by participating in relaxing activities, enjoying your family, exercising, and getting plenty of sleep each night. Stress causes the body to overproduce its natural hormones, which can lead to endocrine organ failure. If you often suffer from depression, it may very well be because excessive stress in your life has caused a hormonal imbalance.

Use these tips to combat hormone problems as soon as they arise without bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Isn't your health worth the effort?

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