Do All Overweight People Have Metabolic Problems?

By: Bray Rory

Metabolism, or your metabolic rate, is how quickly your body burns calories through the energy it expends each day through basic activities such as sitting, breathing, walking, eating and sleeping. You may believe that lean people have a fast metabolism and that overweight people have a slow metabolism but this is a myth, notes the BBC. Also, eating only a little will actually stall your metabolism and make it much more difficult for you to lose fat and build muscle.

A number of factors determine just how fast or slow your metabolism works. If you engage in regular exercise such as walking, swimming, dancing or aerobics your body will burn fat and calories more quickly than a sedentary person. Your weight, age and gender also determine your metabolic rate; generally, men have faster metabolisms than women because they typically have more muscle and less fat in their bodies.

Nicotine and caffeine may help suppress your appetite and slightly speed up your metabolism, but bot

h substances carry plenty of health risks especially nicotine. Other types of appetite suppressants probably will not speed up your metabolism but may make it a little easier for you to lose extra weight. Only three types of appetite suppressants are approved by the Food and Drug Administration for weight-loss purposes. Your doctor may prescribe phentermine, diethylpropion or phendimetrazine if you do not have serious health problems or a history of substance abuse. But you should not take such drugs for more than 12 weeks at a time.

Phentermine is indeed one of the drugs that was in the infamously banned fen-phen combo, but the United States Food and Drug Administration has stated it was the appetite suppressant fenfluramine that caused fatal cardiac damage in some dieters.

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