Dividing Multifunctional Rooms

By: Julien Raynal

Living in a small two bedroom apartment with a family of four active children is a big challenge. During the summer the children spend the majority of their time outside in the nice weather. The winter months however offer a new challenge. The apartment starts to really feel small and cramped. The rooms in the house start taking on multiple functions; the bedroom serves as a play area as well as sleeping and napping areas. The kitchen doubles as a dining area and a spillover play area.

The living room is the most used room. It is the center of entertaining when guests visit; it is also a guest room, a play room and also has a home office corner. These different spaces are not clearly defined causing the space to look like a mismatched mess. Some thing has to be done. The budget is limited so an overhaul of the home interior furniture is out of the question. The option to use room dividers to define the different living spaces became obvioust. Room dividers offer an affordable way to divide room space.

Manufactured room dividers come in many types of styles. Some are extremely decorative and others are simple. Room dividers like any other home interior furniture can be made of metal or wood with the panels made of fabric or wood. Room dividers are now gaining in popularity. Room dividers can create separate livings spaces in one room clearly petitioning the separate rooms. Foldable screen room dividers offer a traditional feeling of elegance. One is transported back to the days when people changed behind screens maintaining that old age mystery. An excellent use of this type of foldable room dividers is when you have overnight guests and they require some privacy in the living room.

A screen divider can give them a sense of privacy versus sleeping in an open living room. Room dividers can also be used as a part of your home interior furniture, to display some of your photographs. It is possible to choose a room divider that blends with your home interior furniture as well as your home décor. In children’s rooms room dividers can separate a shared bedroom into two separate living spaces.

Rooms dividers don’t have to be store bought but different furniture pieces can be used to act as room dividers. Pieces of your home interior furniture can serve as excellent room dividers. Use bookcases, dressers, or sofas. A perfect room divider for a family room could be a three foot high book case. Book cases as room dividers are both functional and practical. One side can be used for posters and the other side for organizing books. Book cases worked great in the living area to separate the adult area from the children’s area. The children were able to use the back side of the book case for their art work and the book case served to hold some adult reading materials.

Using room dividers saved the expense of having to purchase new home interior furniture. We used the pieces we had, moved furniture around and everyone is the house is pleased with the effects. By defining spaces we were able to make each space new and interesting dispelling the inevitable winter cabin fever.

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