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By: Joe Jones

A new developer is offering free Photoshop retouching tutorials with free Photoshop Actions. He says that... Even relative beginners can now do sophisticated image editing with confidence.

The Photoshop retouching learning curve

Anyone and everyone who has ever pursued the art of image editing using Photoshop retouching techniques will have progressed through a steep and arduous learning curve, that every now and then will have been quite testing. Mike Eastman of, says this has now all changed. He believes that his new Photoshop action set is now revolutionising the process for many photographers, amateurs and professionals alike.

For Amateurs & Professional Photoshop users alike

He says that "Around the world there are hundreds of thousands of photographers practicing and perfecting their image editing skills, both for fun and for profit right now." He goes on to add "Amateurs want a straightforward 'point & click' system they can 'plug-in' that may give them really great results that can look superb on their walls at home, or very cool on their latest Blog update. Professionals however would like something more than that. They need a complete work flow enhancement system that will empower them to produce results that makes them distinct from their customers."

This Photoshop Action does its job in under a minute

In the past, this sort of system would have come at a hefty price. However it seems that this price tag has gone, for now anyway. It is claimed that for the Skilled user this Photoshop Action set is the answer. Apparently, once simply installed, at the click of a button, this Photoshop action launches itself and works a full series of tiny to massive miracles, enhancing your pictures along the way. It uses a refined and bewildering combination of layers, masks, alpha channel selections, skin enhancing processes and auto space selections to do its job. At the end you're left with a group of infinitely variable controls inside the layers palette enabling you to place the perfect finishing touches to your image. Your image will now be ready to show to friends and family, or to your clients. All this is done in under a minute.

May this be more than simply 'another Photoshop Action set'?

This Photoshop Action set is called the '60sec EZ retouch' and can be obtained through the website as a free download with full tutorials. It looks that, whatever your background in photography or image editing, this addition to your Photoshop arsenal is worth having and may probably become a mainstay. Mike says that the range is being extended, but currently he is continuing to give away this original image editing solution.

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Mike Eastman has been heavily involved with the support and training of Photoshop Users for over ten years. Many people who have used his services see him as a creative expert and a leading authority on the use of Photoshop. There is more at PhotoDomination. If you would like access to the Free Photoshop Action set then go here:"">60secEZretouch Action Set

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