Discover The Constipation Remedies That Can Help You

By: Rudy Silva

Constipation home remedies are efficient, if the constipation you have is not acute or not due to a disease. If it is caused by some medicines, you can go to your doctor and ask for other brands of medicines that donít contain ingredients which can trigger constipation. It is also common to have constipation because of hormonal imbalance.

Before the home remedies are mentioned, it is best to define what constipation is. Constipation is an infrequent elimination of wastes, which is not really your normal schedule of bowel movement. And the infrequent is associated with pain in the back and abdomen and difficulty in passing the stool, which is in itself very hard. And even if you did able to move the bowel, not everything is completely emptied.

Constipation can lead to other diseases because toxins build up within the intestines. And these toxins can reach the bloodstream, which shall then carry them throughout the vital organs of the body. Examples of the diseases that are triggered by chronic constipation are cancers, high blood pressure, appendicitis, rheumatism, arthritis, and cataract.

One common cause of constipation is the lack of dietary fiber. If you try to include 25 to 35 gm of fiber in your diet, you would see relief from constipation. The fiber provides the softness and the bulkiness of your stool, especially during its formation, when liquid is extracted.

The best constipation home remedies for diet are fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nuts. Green leafy vegetables particularly are helpful. And so are cucumber, radish, melon, papaya, and mangoes.

Water is another home remedy. Medical experts recommend drinking 9 glasses of water each day. It replenishes the liquid expelled during the course of daily activities. It also helps in the inclusion of toxins during the elimination of wastes. And when the stool is formed, water can soften it so it will not be difficult and painful when it passes through the anus.

You can also concoct other home remedies. For example, you can take 2 tablespoons of Blackstrap molasses before you go to sleep. You can also mix it with milk, prune juice, or any fruit juice.

Eating roasted black gram powder together with their husks or chapatti made of wheat is another efficient natural remedy.

If you have a juicer at home, you can make a juice out of cabbage. Take half of a cup of a cabbage juice twice daily. It is said to cure constipation.

You can also add 12 dry seedless grapes into milk and bring it to boil. Drink the milk and chew the grapes separately at night before you go to sleep. Instead of grapes, you can alternate it with Spiegel seeds around 5 to 10 grams in 200 grams of warm milk. You may add sugar in it. These are other constipation home remedies.

If you donít have any milk, you can use water. Soak two teaspoonfuls of Spiegel seeds in water for 6 hours. Add sugar and take this at night. Of course, you also have to exercise even a short walking each day. It is part of the effective constipation home remedies.

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