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By: Mike Walden..

If you are on the lookout for the best acne treatment then there are a few things you have to keep in mind before you start your search. There are way too many acne treatment products in the market today, and most of these simply are not even targeted to cure your acne. When searching for the best acne products the questions you do not need to ask are whether the product is most popular, whether it is endorsed by some celebrity or not, whether it is easy to apply or not. Rather the only question you need to ask is if it will really cure your acne or not.
There are many companies that swear by the name of Proactiv or Accutane as the best acne treatment ever. But I can tell you the truth after researching on acne treatments for more than 10 years, which Proactiv or any other acne treatment; however much it might be endorsed thorough commercials, magazines, news or whatever; that addresses only symptoms of the condition and not the actual internal factor that causes acne can never cure your acne completely or permanently.
Proactiv comprises of a renewing cleanser, a toner that revitalizes the skin and a repairing lotion. In most of the cases it can never cure acne because it is targeted at treating the acne symptoms rather than the underlying root cause of acne.
Accutane though is a different story. It actually works in cases where the severity of acne is very high but the effect is short termed. And unfortunately the side effects of Accutane can prove really dangerous and irreparable.
While you are searching for your best acne treatment you can also try natural alternatives as well. For example you can try the essential oils. The best essential oils for acne treatment are: Rosewood oil, Bergamot oil, Tea tree oil, Clove oil, and Lavender oil. You can also go for a diet change or a food allergy test by opting for a pulse test or by going for a blood test. Though natural alternatives as acne treatments are safe as they are devoid of any harmful side-effects, that does not mean though that they would prove more effective.
In simple words, the best acne treatment is not one which is most popular, or the most easy to apply, neither is it the costliest one nor the cheapest and neither is all-natural. The best acne treatment is the one that tackles the internal causes of acne and eliminates the environment which encourages the acne condition. It is important that you understand what the best treatment for acne is so that you don't waste your time and hard earned money on acne products that won't do any work at all or maybe give you a short term respite only.

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