Discover How You Can Do Network Marketing Online With Integrity

By: Tina Fields

It's time to recreate the Network Marketing image into one of honesty and integrity. The bad reputation was created because Network Marketers used to bug their friends and families to join or buy things they didn't want or need. Well not anymore.

The top Network Marketers online today know that you don't have to bug anyone to join your opportunity if you know how to market and have the right opportunity. As you probably already know internet marketing is the path to success. It is so easy to reach hundreds or thousands of people each day with your opportunity if you know how or are trained how by your Sponsor.

The best part is that you are reaching people who are searching for a home based business opportunity. They want to hear what you have to say. You don't have to be a pushy salesperson anymore. It's not like selling at all. You just need to give people the information that they need to make an educated decision.

Here are the things that will allow you to be in integrity in this industry.

#1 Join a company that is in alignment with your purpose in life. You can choose from so many opportunities out there such as, health, internet marketing or personal development and a whole lot more. I suggest that you join one that has a product that really speaks to your soul. Otherwise you will only be half in it and you can not make 6 or 7 figures if you don't have the passion. I made this mistake with the first opportunity that I joined and I failed miserably. Then I found an opportunity that was really true to who I am and found the success that you read about. As a Certified Coach it is important to me to help others and I am a personal development junkie so it's only natural that I would want that as part of my Network Marketing online opportunity.

#2 Investigate the company before you join. Speak with some members, attend a webinar or a live call and get a feel for the community. Are they too aggressive for you? Or do they have the approach of helping and serving others?

#3 How does the company give back to the world? Do they give to charities?

#4 Do they offer a money back guarantee? If they truly believe in their product and their business opportunity they will. This is important if you want real credibility with your leads.

#5 What is their sales approach? Was the Sponsor that contacted you helpful and looking to serve? That is a sure sign of the company philosophy.

It is possible to have an honest, successful business with Network Marketing online. You can reach the financial and personal success if you find an opportunity that has integrity and is in line with your values. You will need a program that gives you tools and training but INTEGRITY is the key to success.

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"If you would like to discover how you can create financial freedom with a Home Based Business Opportunity with high integrity and is helping others create wealth visit Tina's site. Tina Fields is a Certified Home Business Coach, author and a Network Marketing mentor.

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