Direct Response Advertising and Consumer Satisfaction


Advertising is an integral part of marketing for both start-ups and and topnotch “veteran” companies. Through advertising, these companies can communicate with its clients and customers about its products and services. Correct advertising strategies help these companies increase their market share and profit margins. Aside from selling products, services, or the company's reputation --- advertising is used to improve customer or consumer satisfaction. The often positive images included in these advertisements enable the company to establish rapport and ensure customer loyalty or satisfaction.

Advertising itself is a line of business --- and a profitable venture at that. The first advertising company was established in 1841 by Volney Palner in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A. Palmer's company charged 25% commission which was paid by newspaper publishers who sell periodical spaces to advertisers and the general public through the advertising agency.

Twenty-first century advertising is exciting, high-tech, and requires strategic thinking. An advertisement must be able to make an impact in terms of the company image and brand. Advertising is now at the center of company publicity, public relations, product order, and sales promotion. Advertisers now use the television, radio, magazines, newspapers, films, billboards, and the Internet to market the products and services of their clients.

Over the years, a number of strategies and methods have been developed to take the advertising discipline to a higher level. One such method is called Direct Response Advertising (DRA), a system for advertising that is designed to directly entice a response from the audience. In simple terms, direct marketing makes the customer respond immediately and directly to the marketer. One common example of DRA is the use of infomercials. Infomercials are direct response marketing and advertising strategies that make use of the television as medium. One of its offshoots is called the “home shopping industry.” Infomercials are strategically placed or programmed to target a specific audience at a very specific time slot. These infomercials are so effective because of celebrity endorsements, “satisfied customer” testimonials, product demonstrations, warranty offers, and add-ons --- all offered in the comforts of the customer's own home. Infomercials are also very effective in terms of increasing brand recognition, which is often converted into actual sales.

Today, even call center services have been used to improve the speed and quality of customer services for home shoppers. Direct response support for products and services offered on television, radio, newspapers, direct mailing and the Internet are now standard offerings. These call centers offer various services that include answering product or service inquiries, product order and sales, billing, troubleshooting, and other collateral support services. The use of call center technology has also alloed home shoppers to make use of the telephone or the Internet to place an order or follow-up on a delivery.

The use of DRA to promote products or services has taken many business companies a step above the competition. This advertising strategy may enable many products and services to be adopted and lead a company to success.

Because of its success rate, Direct Response Advertising is now one of the top advertising methods preferred by many companies. This form of advertising is designed to speak directly to prospects rather than communicate to faceless customers.

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