Digital Picture Frame Size Does It Matter?

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Digital picture frames have become popular items and are manufactured by dozens of companies. A digital picture frame can range in size from 1inch to 17 inches. The size a person needs depends greatly on the desired location of their digital picture frame. Most digital picture frames less than 2 are reserved for key chains and other novelty items and not something you would want to display on your desk or table for example.
A person looking to add a digital picture frame to their work or home office should consider a 5 to 6 inch frame for their desk as anything larger might be distracting for clients or business associates. If your digital picture frame is going to be in a large living space such as living room or family room a person should think about frames 7 inches and over. The reason for this is that you want people to be able to see your pictures without straining their eyes. For really big rooms a person may what to consider a 10 inch or larger digital picture frame. When choosing your digital picture frame there are some technical points that you should check out prior to purchase.
Some of the technical information to consider when purchasing you digital photo frame are: number screen resolution, brightness, contrast, aspect ratio and extra functionality. All of these factors are important to consider prior to buying your digital picture frame.
The number of pixels determines how vivid your pictures will look when they are displayed - the more pixels the LCD has the better the picture will be. Pixels range from 320240 680460 800600 and 1024768. When buying a digital picture frame 7 inches or larger you may want to have 800600 resolution. The larger the screen the more pixels you should consider having for better picture results.
Brightness and contrast controls are important to consider when buying a digital picture frame. Even if you know where you are going to put your digital picture frame there will be days the room is brighter and darker because of natural light. As this happens you will need to adjust both brightness and contrast in order to show your pictures in the best light. The Brightness and contrast controls need to be finer the larger the screen is.
Most consumer digital cameras have an aspect ratio 4:3. Therefore when looking at a digital picture frame you should probably look for the same aspect ratio because this makes photo editing much easier to do. For some cameras you may not even have to edit prior to placing your photos on the digital picture frames because the aspect ratios are the same.
Before buying a digital picture frame you may want to take some notes on where you are going to place the frame. Some things to consider are how large is the room and how natural and artificial lighting will affect your digital picture frame. Are you placing it on a desk in a study or office, or in a larger room where people meet to mingle? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself before buy a digital picture frame.

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