Different Types of Sandpaper for Different use

By: Ron Desoza

One of the most important parts in any woodworking project is sanding and if it is not done in the right manner you may have to face disappointing results. There is a lot of money and time invested in a woodworking project, and you simple cannot afford to turn out bad just because you did not paid attention to it. With right material and attention to little detail your sanded project will give you results for which you may never have to deal again. Let us take a look at some of the different types of sanding mops and some basics of sanding.

Sandpaper is a term which has been in use for many years from the time when dust and sand from bricks were used to give finishing touches to wood surfaces. The use of sand gave the generic name to sandpapers that are being used today. There are number of various types of abrasives that are in used these days.

Modern materials have replaced sand and are more effective in doing the desired job. Aluminum oxide, glass paper, garnet paper, silicon carbide, and steel wool are the most common materials that are used to make sandpaper rolls.

Flint and glass paper are made from crushed quartz and are the cheapest sandpapers available in the market today. It is most effective in removing resinous materials and heavy paints, due to the highly affordable price of these sandpapers they can be used and can be thrown away. If you are looking for fine sanding than these types of sandpaper rolls should not be used, as it leaves fine dust on wood which can cause some reaction later on. These types of sanding mops are available in off-white color.

The most readily available and common types of abrasives is of aluminum oxide and is the first choice for the majority of machine sanding operations. To make this type of sanding mops, bauxite is fused in an electric furnace and they come in a variety of colors like gray, brown, red or black.

These types of sandpaper are most effective on wood and are equally effective on steel and iron. These types of sandpaper have a long life and can be used more as compared to garnet and glass sandpaper.

Woodworking shops mostly use garnet sandpaper as it provides extremely smooth surfaces. It is not the hardest but is the sharpest as compared to other abrasives. Garnet sandpapers continuously expose new edges that are sharp as the old abrasives are broken and the result is an extremely fine and smooth surface. These types of sandpapers usually come in red color.

The most expensive among all the abrasives is the silicon carbide as it is made from a synthetic material which has the hardness equivalent to that of diamonds. These types of sandpapers are used for sanding varnishes, paint and urethane and are available in ultra fine grades. All the different types of sandpaper come in cloth or paper backing.

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