Different Parameters To Distinguish Printer Photo Paper

By: Sunil Punjabi

There are plenty of parameters that can help you distinguish printer photo paper. These parameters are very important as they can make the difference between the average print and the high quality print that will last generations. The cost of the paper varies equally although when it comes to beautiful photo prints, one would hardly want to compromise for the sake of cost. Therefore, the first parameter when it comes to photo paper is its finish. The finish could be either glossy or matte. While glossy papers are shiny, matte papers lack lustre and shine and are on the duller side. You will also have other variations such as satin finish which is somewhere between glossy and matte.

Every brand has its own way of classifying the printer photo paper that is sold. Most brands have a star system to distinguish quality among glossy photo paper. Usually top brands like HP and Royal Brites have 3 or 4 different varieties of paper depending upon the quality. The highest quality paper is sometimes referred to as "professional", second best is many times called "Premium" grade paper. A printer photo paper can also be everyday quality, which is less expensive compared to the premium quality paper. Everyday photo paper is of good quality and is satisfactory for many uses. The everyday quality paper could be as light as 165 grams per square meter which is much lower compared to that of premium quality paper. Advanced photo paper is slightly heavier. Premium paper is picked for traditional photos while everyday print or ordinary print is picked for commonplace photos.

The size of the printer photo paper would vary too. There is 4 X 6 inches, which is usually the smallest variety and hence costs the least, because of less paper and lower ink consumption. Then there are sizes as big as 8.5"x11" inches which are used for wall posters. Premium and professional (four stars and five stars) are fade resistant and higher costing than regular photo paper. The brightness of the printer photo paper depends on brightening agents that increase the brightness and whiteness of the paper. Treating the paper with these agents removes the yellowish tinge of raw materials that are used in the manufacturing process. Although premium and professional photo paper costs more, the photos are excellent.

The high gloss paper produces excellent quality photos comparable to the best professional prints. This paper is fingerprint proof and ensures that the prints last a long time and do not fade with age. This printer photo paper is also resistant to atmospheric gases that damage ordinary photo paper through oxidation which causes a yellow tinge. Print your photos on the best photo paper and create albums to share with friends and family and cherish memories of past days when you are older.

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