Different Methods To Avoid Unwanted Conception

By: Gordon R Santo

Even in today‚��s modern world nearly 70 to 80 percent pregnancies are unplanned, doctors provide all the advices and aids which couples may need to avoid unwanted and unplanned conceptions. Term family planning is to start a family in planned way and not by accident, family planning measures help parents to maintain healthy gap between children and keep family limited to bring them up in more focused way by providing better education, food and other amenities. In order to avoid chances of unwanted conception the methods which couples can choose from can be classified into two categories, natural methods and artificial methods.

Natural method like abstaining from coition during ovulation is quite popular; the period of ovulation can be determined by last date of bleeding or by consistency of vaginal fluid and change in body temperatures. Apart from abstinence, males also practice withdrawal and outer-course to avoid conception. However these methods are not 100% safe as misjudgment, over-excitement and fluctuations can lead to conception. On the other hand artificial methods provide many choices and also almost 100% safety; couples can choose any one method according to their convenience to avoid unwanted conception.

Condoms cover male reproductive organ and do not allow any fluid transmission, this not only works as safest and secured preventive measure for unwanted pregnancies but also protect from viral. Vasectomy can be permanent or temporary preventive measure to avoid unwanted conception, in this tubes carrying sperms are blocked temporarily or permanently to prevent their transmission into women. However, Vasectomy does not provide protection against infections to any of the partner like Condoms.

There are many family planning measures which women can use to prevent unwanted conception, the most convenient and widely used measure is by taking oral contraceptive pills. These pills are safe and suitable for all women, in some cases initial nausea or heaviness can be experienced, which is just temporary and harmless. Oral contraceptive pills supply natural hormones to women body which stops ovulation and thickens cervical mucus making it difficult for sperms to pass through. These pills do not provide any security against infections but can be taken at any age; these also work as emergency treatment after unprotected intercourse, do not disrupt ongoing pregnancy and prevent iron deficiencies and anemia. Combined Oral Contraceptive pills or COCs are useful in preventing PID, Benign Breast Disease, Ectopic Pregnancies, Endometrial Cancer, Ovarian Cancer and Ovarian Cysts.

Other artificial family planning methods for women work on the logic of preventing Ovaries from forming eggs or releasing them. Birth control implant, Birth control patch, Birth control Sponge and Birth control Shots are some methods which prevent Ovaries from producing or releasing eggs to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Breastfeeding women get natural protection from conception; however, it is not 100% guaranteed as in some cases women can conceive during lactation period too.

Intra-auterine device, a T shaped structure, inserted in Uterus to prevent pregnancy, Cervical caps inserted in vagina to cover cervix, and Diaphragm similar to Cervical cap used to block Uterus, prevent fertilization of egg and conception by preventing transmission of sperms into women‚��s uterus. Sterilization blocks Fallopian tubes, which is quite similar to Vasectomy and use of Female Condom is another measure to avoid unplanned conception.

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