Difference between black hat, white hat and grey hat

By: edward fery

You must have heard about these three words, otherwise, you will not be reading this article, or you may be…
Today, I will tell you about the three hat techniques that are often used by computer programmers.
The US Information technology departments or the private IT companies coin these terms, like ethical hacking was coined by IBM.
Black Hat:
Black hat hacking is a type of hacking in which hacker is a villain. He seeks hacking to gain advantage of a computer machine. The purpose is to steal, damage the vulnerable device. Hackers that do black hat hacking are either paid or have their own motives for that job.
For example, a black hat hacker will search for the vulnerability in the system that he wants to break in to. Then he will break in using software’s and programs, but he will not stop there. He will steal the information and then damage the system as a whole.
This process is called black hat hacking as it is evil and damaging to the organization.
White Hat:
White hat hacking on the other side is totally opposite to black hat hacking. A white hat hacker will not do anything like that.
Instead a white hat hacker is paid by the organization itself to penetrate in the system using any means he can. For that purpose a white hat hacker can either use the social engineering techniques or can use software’s for DOS attacks or any other type of attacks.
White hat hackers are often called red teams and the tiger teams as read on Wikipedia. The difference between a white hat hacker and the black hat hacker is that, the white hat hacker will not use that for himself. And will tell about the vulnerability to the organization that used the white hat hacker.
Grey Hat:
Grey hat hacking is a little different from both. The company in which system he penetrates does not pay a grey hat hacker. He becomes a hacker by his own will and attack companies for his own thrill. But grey hat hacker does not damage the system of the company nor does he steal any kind of information from there.
Instead he finds the vulnerability in the system and tells about it to the public. He uses forums, blogs and other places on internet to tell the public about it.
This distinguishes grey hat hacker from the other two. He is said to be in the grey line between the white and black.

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