Difference between Cloud ERP and Saas Model

By: Jeramey Smith

The cloud ERP model is nothing but the use of the technique called “Cloud Computing.” This is one of the most preferred and the basic fundamental element for all business advancement. The cloud ERP model provides with the facilities of all services and requirements which are needed to run a business successfully and with efficacy. The cloud ERP model provides business with ample suppleness along with pliability. It does not use any complicated software to access it. It gives tremendous opportunity to organization to change greatly in the appearance of their business. The cloud ERP model provides with some distinguishes property to use over Internet.

The Saas model i.e. Software as a service is software used to manage and host different applications. It is unfolded more easily and instantaneously. The user can readily customize it as per his requirement. It is centrally hosted software and hence more reliable and flexible. The software is used for the overall development of the applications. This software is smaller as compared to cloud ERP software and is updated more frequently than any other software. No extra fees are required for installing this software hence it is cost saving. There is no need for other equipments or hardware to install it.

There are many differences among cloud ERP and Saas model. They vary in different qualities on the basis of their peculiar characteristics. The Saas model is made for small business organizations. The small organizations have limited size and hence for such complex size the Saas model works very efficiently. The cloud ERP model is made for large organizations. In cloud ERP the users have the capacity to control and manage the applications while in case of Saas model the vendor has the thorough control over applications. In this case the user cannot manage the applications as per his requirements.

The data can be placed easily on the server which is used by the user in cloud ERP model while in case of Saas the user cannot place his data separately on the server. The cloud ERP is easier and cheaper to deploy as compared to Saas model. The database of the company’s system cannot be accessed by Saas model while in cloud ERP the database of the company’s system can be easily accessible. There is limited customization in case of Saas model but in cloud ERP the user have the full control to customize their applications as per his requirements.

In case of Saas model there are many licensing complications but in case of cloud ERP there are no complications regarding license and all other procedure. They are readily available to install it. Some hardware is not compatible with Saas software model but cloud ERP model is compatible to hardware. The Saas model requires updating and maintenance but Cloud ERP model does not requires any maintenance. In cloud ERP model, the implementation costs are very low as compared to Saas model. The cloud ERP software is deployed in the cloud server while the Saas model is hosted locally. These are the differences related to Saas model and Cloud ERP model.

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