Dieting after Pregnancy

By: Gen Wright

Pregnancy is one of the most important occasions in a womanís life, and a little bundle of joy is worth the nine months of pregnancy stress. But most moms resent the extra pounds that they put on during those nine months, and would love to eliminate them by dieting after pregnancy.

Women stress over the fact that celebrity moms can lose the unsightly pounds so soon after giving birth. It should be noted that celebrity moms have physicians, dieticians and fitness experts in their employ, plus they HAVE to lose all that baby weight fast because of commercial commitments. Losing all that weight overnight is not really the right way to go about it. Ordinary moms have the luxury to go dieting after pregnancy in a safe, comfortable pace.

Moms should go easy on dieting after pregnancy because it takes six months after giving birth for the body to return to its normal state. Itís not advisable to go through drastic diet methods just to lose the baby weight. It can result to health issues in the long-run.

Dieting after pregnancy is not as hard as it looks. The key is to eat healthily; itís not good to deprive yourself of food especially if youíre breastfeeding. The baby will need the nutrients that will come from your breast milk, and if you are not eating right, it will show on the amount and quality of the milk that you will feed your baby. Also, you need all the strength you can get in order to keep up with the demands of having a newborn infant. Imagine the sleepless nights of changing diapers and feeding the baby. Not all new moms are fortunate enough to have nannies to do the diaper change for them!

Exercising too much is also not good for new moms, especially for those who have undergone caesarian operations. The body should be allowed to rest after nine months of physical ordeal. Light activities and everyday tasks are enough to keep the new moms energized. Vigorous exercise should be done when the body had already returned to normal.

New moms should aim to lose only 1 pound a week. For best results, a doctor should be consulted in order to know the right amount of activity and the right kind of food that can help moms lose the baby weight in a healthy way.

The amount of time it takes to get your body back to normal will depend on how much weight you gained during pregnancy. This is why doctors advise expectant moms not to go crazy on junk foods no matter how strong the craving is; the more pounds you gain, the harder it is to lose them. Usually, a woman gains 25-35 pounds when she is pregnant, then they will lose 12-14 pounds soon after giving birth. This leaves her about 12-21 pounds of baby weight to get rid off in a minimum of six months after childbirth. If a woman gains more than 35 pounds, more time should be allowed to shed off the extra weight.

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