Dieting Myths Revealed

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We have all wanted to start a diet at one time or another. We have also been good at the excuses for not starting that diet. The main fear that really seems to hold us all back is our own self-doubt we have at succeeding. There are many opinions about counting calories and loosing weight, there are also many myths associated with dieting. Let us dispel some of them today!

The first myth everyone seems to fall for is that by eliminating as many calories as possible from your daily diet you will lose weight. Nothing could be farther from the truth. This type of dieting will cause your body to go into starvation mode causing your bodies muscles to break down first. This is an extremely unhealthy way to lose weight. Remember, you didnít gain the weight overnight so donít expect to lose it overnight.

In our quest for a slimmer waistline we face the myth of eating one type of food all day, every day, till we lose the desired weight. Youíve heard about the grapefruit diet, I even saw them talking about the hot dog diet on the news the other day. These are called dieting fads and have caused many dieting binges over the years. Following this type of diet will leave your body starving for the necessary nutrients needed to keep your body running healthy.

Straying from your diet is another myth that causes us to stress. Side note: stress has been known to cause weight gain. Here is the good news; straying from your diet is ok. Now that doesnít mean go out and eat everything you crave, after all you are on a diet, but you can have that piece of cake at your daughters birthday and not have to worry about spending five hours in the gym making up for it. If you do stray always adjust your calorie intake for the day.

Here is one I love: do not eat after eight oíclock or you will get fat in your sleep. If we are dieting that means we are eating healthy and watching our caloric intake. So unless we are eating a gallon of Hagen daze ice cream or sitting down to a full course meal at tem pm, a little snack before bed isnít going to set us back to day one.

I have more good news. It is ok to have a snack between meals. It is actually better if you do have a snack, provided it is a healthy one, rather than starving till your next meal. A good way to keep you hunger satisfied is to eat smaller meals throughout the day. Several small meals along with some healthy snacks will keep you from overeating because youíve been hungry all day. This is not easy for most of us to do. Start off slow, four smaller meals instead of three bigger.

The last myth we are going to look for now is the myth of dairy products. Youíve heard people tell you not to eat dairy products because theyíre too fattening. The Europeans eat a lot of dairy, large consumers of cheese, and they donít have anything close to the over weight problem we have in the states. Dairy actually contains nutrients our bodies need. There are also studies that show an increase in weight loss success in those who have included dairy in their diet. Keep it low-fat and in moderation.

It is a task in itself siphoning through the myriad of diet myths out there. Just remember, a healthy, well balanced diet (a little splurging included) and exercise can work wonders for your diet success!

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