Diet regimen - 8 numbers teach you a balanced diet

By: Hayden

Balanced diet has been regarded as the dietary principles by nutrition scholars, however, when it comes to their specific content, but few people fully understood. The following eight numbers can help you figure out what is a balanced diet.
250g fruits
Fruit not only tastes good, but also offers a variety of antioxidants and a lot of potassium, beneficial to regulate blood pressure and prevent cancer. But we should not eat too much fruit, it is advisable to eat about around 250g. Need to be reminded that the best to eat fruits is to maintain their natural state, although drinking juice can get some of these nutrients, the benefits of prevention will be discounted.
A spoonful of salt
Doctors recommended adult daily salt intake should not exceed 6grams, which is equivalent to a steel spoon or a small beer cap. In addition to less salt when cooking and soup, also eat less spiced pork, sausage, chicken and other high salt content of processed foods. Not only that, after eating salted duck eggs, biscuits and even other snacks, also should be less salt when have meals.
Two plates of vegetable
Health ingredients, vitamins and dietary fiber vegetable supply can help people away from a variety of cancers and heart disease. People should eat two plates of vegetables, total actual intake amount remaining at about 500g, preferably up to 5 types of species, of which one is best fresh, dark green seasonal vegetables.
Three tablespoons of vegetable oil
The amount of oil per day should not exceed 30 grams, preferably limited to 25 grams or less, the amount roughly equivalent to three white porcelain spoons. The type of oil should be often changed, and eat less animal fat.
Four kind of staple food
Staple food not only includes rice, steamed bread, also includes black rice, oats, buckwheat, millet, red beans, kidney beans, seeds and other grains, the types of food you eat is best to reach 4 kinds. These complete starch seeds rich in B vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, which are beneficial with intestinal health, beneficial blood glucose and lipids.
Five kinds of spices
In cooking, although in very small quantities of spices, they also have certain health effects. Pepper, cinnamon and others are natural antioxidants important source; vinegar and curry are good for controlling blood sugar; onions, ginger, garlic, etc. can increase appetite, detoxify and sterilize. We had better more than five kinds of seasonings every day.
Six copies of the protein
Protein in the provision of high quality protein foods at the same time, but also brings different health effects, red meat supplies iron, fish providing quality fatty acid, tofu contains soy isoflavones and other health ingredients, milk is conducive to strong bones, eggs are vitamin treasure, Nuts is good for heart and brain health.
Seven cups of boiled water (200ml per cup)
This amount is roughly equivalent to three ordinary bottles of mineral water.

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