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By: Gen Wright

Admit it—gaining weight is so much easier than losing pounds. The latter is such a toiling experience. You have to enroll in a gym, participate in sports activities and go on a diet. Being in shape, however difficult, is very important. Its significance does not stop in how you look or how others view you. Staying in shape also means being healthier and fitter.

Thousands of diet programs have been developed throughout the years to help people get in shape and become healthier. Some of these programs have been proven to be not so effective, while there are others which have lasted for years now and continue to gain the approval of health- and figure-conscious individuals.

One of the most popular diet programs to come out in years is South Beach Diet. It was developed by Cardiologist Arthur Agatston. It was originally meant for overweight people who also have heart conditions. The doctor saw its potential to be applied even to those without heart ailments. In this diet, Agatston recommends dieters to avoid bad carbohydrates. The whole program is divided into three phases. It begins with the strict first phase prohibits eating bad carbohydrates, red meat, and foods rich in starch. It favors nuts, eggs and lean meat. The second phase provides some flexibility especially with carbohydrates that are rich in fiber. The third phase is more about accepting the ‘South Beach Diet’ way of life fully.

The coconut is believed to be the fruit of life as it possess so many benefits for the human body. The coconut diet takes advantage of these benefits. The creators of this diet program noticed that people who love eating coconut or coconut products are healthier and have no issues with weight gain. It is divided into four phases. The first phase lasts for 21 days, where dieters are encouraged to go for lean meat and vegetables. In the second phase, dieters are expected to consume drinks which are vegetable-based and fiber-rich. The third phase allows dieters to take in healthy carbs. The fourth phase is for the dieters to uphold the diet they have been practicing the past few weeks.

Many people know that Mediterranean foods are some of the most delicious foods in the world. But many experts have also noticed that Spaniards, Greeks and Italians have reported lower incidence of heart diseases. These experts concluded that this could be brought about by the food they eat, and so they developed the Mediterranean diet. People under this diet program are encouraged to consume more vegetables, fruits, fish, bread, olive oil, and a daily glass of win. They are also asked to moderate their intake of red meat.

Many people do not like going on a diet because they believe diet programs will only suppress them from eating the food they love like chocolate. Well, Sally Ann Voak has developed a diet that will allow dieters some leeway to eat little amount of chocolates. After all, some chocolates are known to be a good source of antioxidants.

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