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Want to Buy the Very Best Diamonds Online? Here's How!

There are myriad reasons for buying diamonds. From engagements to weddings, birthdays to anniversaries, there isn't an occasion that won't be enhanced and made more memorable than with the presentation of a beautiful diamond. But buying a high quality diamond is not an easy path. There are so many avenues to go down, so many diamond retailers tempting you with the sparkle and lustre of a beautiful gem. So how do you ensure that you get the very best? By going to Here you will find diamonds of the highest quality and receive customer service that is second to none.

Go the the Experts ~ My Diamonds
When you are buying a diamond, you are probably seeking perfection. A 'perfect' diamond is a rarity indeed. And yet you can find the diamond that is 'perfect' for you and for the occasion. For example, if you are looking for an engagement ring to seal your commitment to each other, the My Diamonds Collection will offer you the most exquisite stones, set in the most exquisite of designs.
All of My Diamonds' clients are individuals. Purchasing from their website does not mean that you must forego individual attention or advice in your purchase of your diamond. On the contrary. When you have decided that their designs are the most exquisite you have ever seen and established contact with My Diamonds, you will receive one to one attention to ensure that you are completely delighted with your purchase.

The Exquisite Sparkle of Custom Made Jewellery
For an engagement rings or wedding band, this is the perfect time for you to design your own jewellery. These wonderful rings will accompany you on your journey through life together, so why not seal your commitment to each other by designing your own ring. Every custom made piece will be completely unique and it is an experience that you will never forget. This is the perfect token of love, an engagement ring designed with you in mind ~ a dream fulfilled, and the perfect step towards your future happiness. This should not be taken lightly. You must place your dreams into the hands of an expert, an artisan craftsman who will deliver the perfect interpretation of your personal design. The My Diamonds team of artisan designers and craftsmen will provide this just for you. Simply wonderful!

My Diamonds ~ The Perfect Source for Quality Loose Diamonds
For a comprehensive selection of loose diamonds, look no further than the My Diamonds Loose Diamond Collection. Each diamond has been graded according to the GIA or HRD Grading Standard, which means that the diamond you choose has been professionally graded by one of the best known grading laboratories in the world. Along with your diamond, you will receive a GIA Diamond Dossier or Grading Report, which will show the exact quality of the diamond you are buying. Each laboratory uses the essential 4Cs of Diamond Grading.
The diamonds you purchase can be crafted into a custom made ring by our artisan designers and craftsmen, or presented to your loved one in a velvet pouch, so that she may choose the design of the ring at a later date. Either way you will know that your diamond will have been reliably sourced and properly valued.

Diamond Facets

If you are as passionate about diamonds as the diamond retailer/wholesaler, at My Diamonds you will be more than a little interested in the subject of diamond cutting, the angles and proportions, and how the skill of each individual diamond cutter, and the cuts he makes in the rough material, affects it's resulting beauty.

Round Brilliant Cut
The round brilliant cut is probably the best known and maybe even the most popular of all the diamond cuts. There have been many articles written about this particular cut of diamond. Changes in the proportion of each facet, changes the dimensions of the stone, therefore the beauty of the diamond and how it scintillates. This cut has been used as the standard bearer for the various cuts and shapes that a skilled craftsman will make to reach a superb final diamond.
Because of the intricacy and the required efficiency of the cuts and facets in this particular style, GIA and HRD, which are globally recognised grading companies, can assess cut grades as part of the 4Cs, the grading standards included on all diamond certification.

Other Shapes of Diamond
Of course, the round brilliant is not the only cut of diamond available to purchasers today. Fancy shaped diamonds such as the Princess cut or the Emerald Cut will not have a cut grade listed by GIA, simply because there are many factors concerning dimension and proportion which are yet to be fully investigated and comprehended.

The Branded Diamond
Many diamond retailers/wholesalers construct their own collections with their own marketing brand names, such as the Serendipity Collection, an exquisite selection of pre-designed rings available at My Diamonds. Companies also choose names for various cuts of diamond within their collections. These cuts are invariably a round diamond which has enhanced scintillation by virtue of extra facets.

Are More Facets Desirable
One would think that the more facets a diamond has the more desirable it is. This is not necessarily the case. The rough material is assessed, it's proportions analysed, and the decision is made as to which shape of diamond will best bring out the fire, scintillation and inherent beauty of the stone. At My Diamonds, this is carried out by expert artisan craftsmen, who have over 25 years of experience to help them in their art. They will take into consideration the overall attributes of the stone and then decide how many facets are required within the stone to craft it into the best possible piece.

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