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It is known to us that marvelous diamonds are one of the most precious minerals present on the earth. The question is that among all the other minerals why diamonds are so expensive? In reality diamonds are also a product like any other. Its cost consists of the same factors as any other thing! Like cost of raw material, labor, production, distribution and retailing. These are some general examples of the cost factors.
The process of diamond and jewelry trade is as follows. Diamonds are not laboratory made things; these are used to found in the ore. There are workers who play their part to dig them out of ores. They are then separated according to their quality and dimension. After separating them they are sent to professionals, the gem cutters. They convert the rough stone into a luminous gem. The diamonds are such expensive metal that precautionary steps are necessary so that those are not lost or gone to some in honest person. These all precautionary measures take part in high diamond prices.
Diamond price of loose diamonds are graded as the familiar 4Cís after they are cut: color, cut, carat and clarity. All of these 4Cís represent something like color tells about the whiteness of the diamond. Cut mentions its qualities enhanced by its cutting. Clarity refers to its gloom and carat tells about its size. These four characters describe the value and rareness of a diamond. So if you are keen to know about the high diamond price of loose diamonds just consider these three 4Cís of a diamond. These qualities also suggest diamond prices to the diamond makers.
The grades are given by some independent grading companyís members. There is a list of these grading companiesís. Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is one of the best possessing a number of best members. This is a well known international institute that issues certificates for each gem to give reliability to evaluation of its members. So always be careful while buying a diamond. On the purchase of a diamond, do not forget to get its GIA or some else certificate to be sure that you are receiving the piece for what you are paying.
These graded diamonds are distributed to traders and dealers through out the world. They sell these diamonds to jewelers. Those jewelers use these diamonds in their marvelous and quality jewelry that makes the jewelry magnificent. This jewelry is those that are really valued by us.
As you have come to know about the procedure of diamond making so you would obviously be familiar with the reason of its high cost! Every one who is involved in this procedure puts a lot of care and effort in doing so. And for that reason they also charge high prices against their services. This is one of the reasons that diamond price never falls like fluctuations in the prices of gold or some other metal.
This can also be a good investment as diamonds do not loose their value. You can purchase them in good times and can convert them in the same cash price or even better in shortage of cash. This is all about diamond price of a loose diamond in general. You may buy loose diamonds from http://www.verifiedbuy.com at best and reasonable prices.

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