Detox Lemon Juice Maple Syrup Diet - What Foods Can I Eat During The Master Cleanse?

By: Tristan George

Did you know that, in general, 90% of the people who try the Master Cleanse lemon juice maple syrup diet program fail the prescribed ten-day period of the fast?
The main reason for such a high failure rate are the food cravings, which is really shouldn't come as a surprise considering that the Master Cleanse lemon juice maple syrup diet is a liquid diet program. You won't be eating any solid foods for a period of ten days. All of us are so used to eating a lot of food, not eating food for some days can really be scary. For people who have nutrition concerns about doing the Master Cleanse, what you should know about this detox lemonade diet is that, if you the right ingredients in the lemonade mix, you be getting all the necessary nutrition your body needs to function properly. However, never use the Master Cleanse for the long-term. Use it to give your digestive system some rest, and allow your body to eliminate accumulated toxins.
If you're afraid that the food cravings will get stop you from successfully completing the prescribed ten-day period for doing the Master Cleanse, here are some "foods" that you can take with your lemonade detox mix so you don't feel famished. These foods also make your bowel movement come out easily during the duration of the fast.
* Psyllium Husk
Psyllium Husk is the husk that can be found on Plaintain seeds. Plaintains are the type of bananas you use for cooking. Psyllium Husk is popular among experienced Master Cleansers for easing bowel movement -100 grams of it will give you 71 grams of soluble fiber. If you have been on the Master Cleanse lemon juice maple syrup diet, but your bowel movement is not as plenty as you had hoped, supplement with Psyllium Husk - it really helps to keep bowel movement loose and easy.
* Hoodia
Hunger pangs is the main reason why 90% of people who start on the Master Cleanse give up within three days. You can use Hoodia to suppress your appetite.
When you're doing the Master Cleanse maple syrup diet, you'll get the nutrients you need during from the maple syrup in the lemonade concoction. That said, your biggest problem is dealing with the hunger pangs. If you struggle with this, keep in mind that hunger is really more psychological than biological.

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