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By: Jason Foskito

Designing a room is an easy task; all you need is creativity, a sense of aesthetics and a budget. However, decorating a wall is much simpler. Paints can do a great job at enhancing and transforming a room from dull to drab, instantly. However, a better, long lasting and maintenance free option than paint is designer wallpaper. They are not only modern, fashionable, prominent and contemporary but they also give the home and room a classy and elegant look. Designer wallpapers are found in a surfeit of designs, colors, qualities and price ranges to choose from. There is always something to suit all creative and monetary parameters.

One of the advantages of using wallpaper is its durability, resilience and long lasting ability. Designer wallpaper is very sturdy as its made from good quality material and advanced techniques which can last for years. The quality of glue and fabric are so superior that when removed, it does no damage the wall. In fact, if need be, it can easily be changed frequently too. Designer wallpaper is virtually maintenance free and simple to look after. Most modern wall coverings come with a sealant that is protective and resistant to moisture, grime and dirt. All it requires is to be wiped lightly with a cloth or sponge to keep it clean.

Designer wallpaper is not only durable, practical and long lasting; it also contributes greatly to the aesthetics of a home or room. There is a plethora of patterns, textures, fabrics, colors and designs to choose from. Designer wallpaper can compliment any furniture and enhance the intrinsic beauty of a room. It is however, imperative to keep in mind that the color of the wallpaper should compliment and match the design and theme of the room. There is also a vast choice of custom made wallpapers to accentuate and highlight any theme or design in a room. They can also be purchased online.

While purchasing designer wallpaper, either at a store or online, it is necessary to remember that there are different types of wallpapers for different parts of the home. Wallpapers that are installed in bathrooms will be made of a different type of quality and fabric than those adorning the walls of living rooms and bedrooms. Designer wallpapers are available in Fabric wallpapers and Vinyl wallpapers.

Fabric wallpapers are made from fabrics and through advanced techniques, coated like regular paper. Such designer fabric wallpaper is best suited for areas that have low levels of humidity like bedroom and living room spaces. They will however, not be suitable for spaces which have high levels of humidity such as bathroom or kitchen walls.

Vinyl wallpapers on the other hand are almost maintenance free and easy to clean. They are resistant to moisture and humidity. Not only are they resilient and hard-wearing but they are also easy to upkeep and are ideal choices for damp spaces such as bathrooms, kitchen and basement wall.

Designer wallpaper is a practical and aesthetic option to bring out the beauty in a home.

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