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The values behind Armani And Gucci designer handbags and how they complement women.

For the stylish and fashionable woman, thereís nothing like having beautiful Gucci designer handbags that would go with her outfit for the day. Whether itís after a day at work or spending time at the gym, there is a handbag that fits every occasion. But what makes a handbag extra special is the designer label. Owning designer handbags is a symbol of style and impeccable taste.

Extension of Your Style

You can tell a woman for who she is through her handbag. Itís an extension of her identity. Wearing Armani designer handbags not only shows youíre a follower of trends but also your appreciation for craftsmanship and durability. Whether itís a clutch or a purse, your Gucci designer handbags should always match with your outfit for the occasion. Just like picking the right pair of shoes or the perfect dress, your hand bag is also an extension of your own personal style.

Going Authentic

Gucci Designer handbags do come with a hefty price tag. This is money you pay for the detailed workmanship and unique design that goes with creating one. These handbags are a symbol of status especially if you own the authentic kind and not the knock offs. Today, it is difficult to spot the authentic from the fake ones but the difference lies in its durability and craftsmanship. And you can tell this if you look very closely and observe the stitches and the materials used to create the handbag.

But for those who want to capture the style but not the high price tag, there are a lot of available designer inspired handbags in the market that offer almost the same quality and style as its designer counterparts. These handbags are better options than going for cheap imitations that probably wonít last long enough.

Choose Your Designer

Balenciaga, Kate Spade and Anne Klein are some of the premier brands that carry Armani designer handbags and each have its own personality and style that fits any fashionable and trendy woman.

Balenciaga is known for his sexy designs and his handbags are mostly made from distressed goat leather that has a slightly shiny and unique look. One of his most famous designer handbags is the Motorcyle Bag made for the strong and chic woman on the go.

The Kate Spade handbag style is designed for both practicality and style. This is the handbag for the woman who not only wants a bag that looks good but is also functional. Her philosophy on handbags is that it is easy to use and practical but without giving up on style. She is known for her Easton as Four Circle handheld bag.

An Anne Klein designer handbag is sleek and practical. Her designs are simple yet luxurious and are designed for everyday use by the everyday woman. One of her best selling designer handbags is the New York Shopper which can be used in any occasion and can go with any outfit.

Get One for Yourself

Designer handbags are popular and you can find one in any shopping mall and even in online stores but be on the lookout for the fakes. Sometimes it doesnít hurt to splurge a little on the little things like handbags, especially if it can complete your stylish look.

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