Depression a Challenge for Your Life

By: ajay kumar singh

The last year 2011, as the WHO report says, witnessed Indian as the most depressed people in the world. In India around 9% of people reported having an extended period of depression within their lifetime and nearly 36% suffered from Major Depressive Episode. To be learned, for a depressed person life is nothing but curse. It is like Ďa tale told by an idiotí (William Shakespeare). It is, for him, very complicated to distinguish between fare and the foul or happiness or sorrow as everything seems to turn to be foul for him. It is like, cancer; diabetes; heart attack, a type of disease which weakens and nibbles a man from within. The difference between depression and other diseases is that depression does not do any physical harm but mental. Depression in the human mind sits like evil and eats up all the positive senses from his mind. It carries the psychological effect on the human mind.

However, everyone comes to pass through his success and failure in his life but which is lost with in a short-lived but with the person who is mercilessly a depressed-victim can hardly emerge from the adverse situation and gradually deepens down in it leading to display a fruitless and fearful life.

When you have depression, it adversely intervenes with your daily life and causes pain and frustration to both you and your care taker. It seems common without but dangerous within. Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses which is nowadays affecting worldwide. It makes the life frustrated as according to the report, depression obstructs the personís ability to work, makes life destructive leading to bitterness in the relationships. As it has widely turned to be a serious concern, there are some basic factors to avoid depression in your life-

If you think you are likely to fall in depressed mood, turn to some pleasant and interesting activities. It might be good idea to watch movie but specifically there are some movies which should not watch like having tragic end or tear jerker. Turn your TV channel to some comedy episode or Disney or cartoon network.

Drinking wine and alcohol significantly have the major role to widen your depressed level. Avoid taking wine at a time when you think you are in juncture as it brings no positive result but seems like adding fuel to the fire. For instance, before consuming alcohol youíre in problem and after it you will adversely be in same position.

Donít suffer alone with your grief but share it to other who you believed is faithful and reliable. If it seems symptoms of depression, donít sit alone come out of your house, meet your friends and tell them your causes of being frustrated.

Always have an ambitious company. Notice how he challenges the life and concentrate on the bright side of his life leaving back his disappointed and unsuccessful ones. Try to be optimistic. Accept your life with the big boon. You can also go through some of the live giving quotes that can pour positive within your soul. Be persuasive for your target as ďif winter comes can be spring be far behind?Ē (P.B. Shelley)

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