Dentists Perth WA – Why Does Your Dentist Prescribe A Root Canal Treatment?

By: Buddy Lester

When you hear the term “root canal”, you feel shivers run down your spine. This is one treatment that is notorious for the pain and discomfort it causes. However, you do not necessarily need root canal if you have a decaying tooth. In fact, this is one of the last options that a dentist suggests. In some instances, though, it becomes the only option. What are those conditions? Here is a discussion about it.

When is root canal needed?

Contrary to common perception, a root canal treatment does not entail plucking out the tooth. Instead, it is a process through which the existing tooth is treated and saved.

Your tooth consists of multiple layers. The outermost layer is called enamel and the innermost layer is called pulp. This pulp region consists of nerves and blood vessels. This means that pain and discomfort you feel is because of the pulp region. The outer layers of the tooth do not have any sensation, just like your nails.

When your tooth begins to decay, the attack begins from the enamel. Bacteria gradually eat into the outer layers and reach the pulp. On reaching the pulp cavity, they infect the nerves and blood vessels. Since nerves are the sensory elements, you experience extreme pain when this part is infected.

Root canal is necessary when the pulp in your tooth decays. In such a case, the dentist has to delve into your tooth, remove the infected pulp and fill it up with a mixture. Then, a crown is applied on the tooth. This process is called root canal.

The necessity of a root canal treatment depends on the condition of the tooth and symptoms you experience. Typical symptoms include unbearable pain when you chew or press the infected tooth, discoloration, swelling in the gums, occurrence of pimple on the gum of the infected area, and sensitivity to touch, heat or cold. If you are experiencing such symptoms, it goes on to show that the pulp area is infected. So, root canal might be the only option to completely solve the problem.

Pain is not the only indication of infected pulp

Pain is one of the most common symptoms of pulp infection. However, in some cases, the nerves in the pulp area die without causing too much pain. This happens when the nerves die because of trauma such as a heavy blow. Even in such cases, root canal is important because dead nerves become the seat of bacterial contamination.

If bacterial infection is not the cause of decay and you do not experience pain, only a dentist can recognize the condition by examining the tooth. Decaying tooth is usually slightly discolored and can be spotted by a professional. If necessary, the dentists take an x-ray of the affected area to be sure.

Why is root canal necessary?

Root canal can save your original tooth. If decay continues, the tooth might have to extracted and replaced with an artificial alternative. Also, infected tooth can turn into an abscess, causing untold pain and other health troubles.

Recent research has found a link between bacterial infection in the mouth and major diseases of the cardiovascular system. Studies have also shown that tooth infection could trigger cancer.

So, do not ignore visits to your dentist in Perth, WA. Save your tooth while you can.

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