Demand for Freshwater Pearl Jewelry on the Rise

By: Gen Wright

As the holiday season draws closer, demand for freshwater pearl jewelry has been on the rise. There are many reasons that are responsible for this rising trend. But perhaps the most obvious reason is that the economy is not doing too well overall. So consumers are tightening their budget and are more cautious about spending their money. This is when freshwater pearl jewelry really shines.

When consumers are cautious of spending, that doesn't mean they stop spending altogether. The holidays still come and go, business is still being done, and life still goes on. But the difference in spending behavior is that consumers now look for cheaper alternatives to what they usually would buy when times are better. That means if an individual has been buying jewelry as holiday gifts for his family and friends, perhaps this year he may wish to consider buying freshwater pearl jewelry instead of diamonds.

But lest you are mistaken about the value of freshwater pearl jewelry, let's make one thing clear. Freshwater pearl jewelry is not unwanted low quality jewelry. They still cost money. However, compared to other types of precious stones like diamonds, they are noticeably cheaper. Still, that does not mean they are of inferior quality. Here is why they are generally cheaper compared to other precious stones.

Firstly, freshwater pearls can be cultured in huge quantities. Pearls that are found in natural pearl oysters are very rare. Hence, they are also very expensive. Usually, in one pearl oyster, there is only one pearl. However, pearl farmers have found a way to cultivate many pearls in one single oyster at the same time. Some pearls may contain as many as twenty to thirty pearls. This greatly reduce the frame required for harvesting. As a result, the price is reduced.

In addition, since the demand has been on the rise, pearl jewelry retailers are able to sell in larger quantities. Consumers are able to buy many pearls in a single order, at wholesale prices. In other words, the cost for each pearl comes down.

Pearls can be bought in huge quantities for profit or for personal use. For example, if you are a jewelry retailer, you may wish to import pearls in bulk and then sell them off separately at a higher price and earn a profit. If you are buying for personal use, you may use pearls to create pearl jewelry for yourself.

Pearls can come in different colors and sizes. Your purchase will depend on the type of pearl jewelry that you wish to create. For instance, if you want to create a pearl necklace, you may have to buy many pearls of the same color, but of different sizes.

You can buy freshwater pearl at affordable prices, and turn them into stunning looking pearl jewelry. Perhaps the economic downturn is a blessing in disguise, for it is what force you to look at freshwater pearls.

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