Deciding On Your Coffee Shop Location

By: Karyn Lewis

A successful coffee shop needs the right location in order to make money. This is something you really need to make a priority if you want to operate this type of business. You may have spent time researching equipment, procedures, and even the right suppliers. Yet all that can be in place and still you aren't generating the volume of business you want due to the location not being a good match.

People aren't going to go out of their way every day to get to your coffee shop. Don't fool yourself into thinking they will do so due to the quality of what you offer. People simply don't have the time to do that these days. This will end up being a recipe for failure. You have to be able to identify what is going on in certain areas. What will bring people there anyway and then they can add going to your coffee shop along the way?

Pay attention to small details that can prevent your coffee shop from being easily accessible. For example if there is a road with a divider in the middle, people may have to drive several blocks to turn and get there. Then they have to do the same thing in the other direction to turn around and go back the way they need to be heading.

A great deal of coffee shop business comes from those who will simply walk in. They may be working in the area or running errands. Being close to a library can be a great way to get customers. They can bring in their books and read while enjoying their cup of coffee. Don't forget that many high school and college age people drink volumes of coffee as well so if you can get close to them that is a plus as well.

You need to evaluate the various coffee shops that are already around too. Hopefully you did this before you decided to start a coffee shop. Where are the all located at? You want to choose a location where you will get business but where you aren't on top of another coffee shop. Try to have your own radius that makes you the most convenient location for a large number of people.

However, if you find a location where the nearest coffee shop is several blocks away, you may be on to something. People can get their coffee from you and not have to go that far. When time is an issue like it is for many coffee drinkers every convenience to help them get the most to fit into their day is accessed.

You have the option of building a coffee shop from scratch in order to secure the perfect location. You can buy or lease an empty building as well but you want to be careful doing so. Find out why the last few businesses are no longer there. It could be that the location is poor for any type of business to really be able to survive there.

A successful coffee shop needs the right location. You need to put some effort into finding out where that will be. It is going to affect the number of customers you get each day. That means it is going to affect your profits as well as your ability to stay open. You can have a very profitable coffee shop if you make it convenient for people to get there.

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Karyn Lewis writes about the ups and downs of the coffee shop business. Avoid the rookie mistakes many new operators make when they are starting a coffee shop.

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