Dark Circles under Eyes-What You Can Do to Get Better Outcomes?

By: Jose K. Tullis

Dark circles under eyes, also referred to as dark shadows or rings under the eye, is actually the developing of a dark skin between the upper part of the cheek and the lower eyelids. Dark circles around eyes quite often occur in children infants, adolescents and even adults. These kinds of eyes are neither a serious disorder nor does it signify any life threatening internal medical condition. In general, this sort of symptom does appear and disappear within a very short period of time; it might however be an indication of various other internal infections such as anemia or chronic dehydration if it persists.

Major Causes of the Problem

Heredity - The symptomatic dark circle around eyes can be inherited and can run across the family lineage quite often.

Allergies - This can be allergies to pollen grains, dust, fumes and various other such pollutants. It has been noticed that these pollutants do irritate the eyes and can commonly cause runny eyes and dark under eye circles.

Nasal congestion – In short, this can majorly cause eyes to darken and dilate the veins which drain from the nose to the eyes.

Pigmentation irregularities – In most of the cases, it affects people of color more so Asians and blacks.

Sun exposure - This generally prompts the skin to produce more and more melamine, a pigment that actually gives the skin its characteristic color.

There are also several factors related to lifestyle such as emotional of physical stress, chronic alcoholism, smoking and crying.

It can also be caused by scratching or rubbing the eyes

You can also see them when it happens like loss of fat, collagen and thinning skin common in aging people. This makes the bluish-red veins under the eyelids to come out more pronounced that make the eyes ugly.

Treatments Available in the market for the problem

Most of the cases of dark circles under eyes can be reduced or eliminated through several following methods.

When you take extra sleep – Most of the dark under eye circles are the result of the lack of sleep. This will seriously cause paler and hollow eyes that make the dark rings more pronounced. Make sure that you do have enough uninterrupted sleep, possibly eight hours per night. You may also consider obtaining more pillows; this will reduce the puffiness that occurs under your eyes due to fluid pulls in the lower eyelids and a comfortable night.

Sunscreens and dark glasses – In general, a tan that extended under the eyelids might hide the dark circles around eyes for sometimes, however this may be harmful and dangerous due to the accumulated pigmentation. It is always recommended to obtain dark glasses or sunscreens to end any possibility of pigments accumulating under your lower eyelids as well as cheeks due to direct sunrays.

Beauty Cosmetics – There are a plenty of skin creams and lotions available over the counter that can help people prevent or decrease the dark circles under eyes. Don’t forget to check with your physician to tell them of any allergies prior to using such skin sensitive cosmetic products used for dark circles around eyes.

If this problem has any other symptoms such as loss of consciousness, shortness in breath, severe skin irritation, loss of vision or fainting, you are highly recommended to contact your doctor as soon as possible for examination.

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