Damage Control Strategies a Professional SEO Employs

By: Gautam Punja

Nobody likes to get negative feedback for his business. But there is no way in which you can completely forestall the possibility of criticism, except by ensuring the quality of your product, though even that is not a foolproof protection against bad feedback. Whenever there is negative publicity, you have to go into damage control mode, and there are several ways in which your Professional SEO will help you in managing it. If you are getting a lot of criticism, it means that a lot of people are using your product. Or probably some of your competitors are finding you as a threat so that they are generating some negative publicity to damage your business. One important point to remember here is that if your product was totally unnoticed, it would not have generated any response.

An SEO Services company is trained to handle the criticism its client receives. In the first place, criticism can be constructive criticism or irresponsible criticism. Though negative feedback of any type will be against the interest of your business, constructive criticism is not entirely bad. It is something that will help you to improve your business. Your Professional SEO will study the whole gamut of negative mail and analyze those aspects of the business that have come under criticism. Sometimes the product could be good, but customers might have been irked by things like delay in delivery time, laxity in customer service, or the terms of the warranty.

An SEO Services company will help in explaining things to the dissatisfied customers and removing the wrong perception about the company. It is important to keep up a correspondence with a customer till he is satisfied, and also to make amends for whatever loss he might have suffered by negligence on the part of your company. Such complaints are in fact quite helpful in rectifying the drawbacks in your customer relationships. In fact the website promotion job of your Professional SEO becomes easier in a way when the customers are vocal about their dissatisfaction. If customers do not complain but just silently stop using your product and start using another company’s, you will be completely in the dark as to why the sales are going down. By coming out with their complaint, they are in fact helping your marketing efforts.

If the criticisms are not as simple as that, your SEO Services Company will try to find out what the real problem is. If the product has got some defect, it will have to be addressed. Once the product defect is rectified, your SEO Services Company will probably choose a new keyword for your product because most of the negative publicity is likely to be associated with the keyword through which your product had so far been known to the public. A Professional SEO will then go through the whole process of search engine optimization afresh. They will create fresh contents for the website, optimizing it for the new keyword. They will connect the site with inbound links, for which the anchor text will be your new keyword or something associated with it. Articles and new blogs, optimized for the new keyword, will also be posted on appropriate sites and articles directories.

Search engines always tend to display the more recent postings in their search engine results. With the concerted effort of your SEO Services company, the earlier material associated with the negative publicity will be either removed or will be pushed way below in search engine results and will soon be forgotten.

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