DWI Breath Tests and Alcohol Consumption

By: Robert Thomson

DWI is an acronym for Driving While Intoxicated which in simple terms means drunk driving. When a person drives a car along with consumption of alcohol, he is being charged for drunken driving. In different countries the people are being charged as per the laws like depending on the age of the person who was driving the vehicle. Once a person is being found with DWI, he is charged as to what extent he was responsible for the accident. In addition to this, the police conduct some tests for the person being charged for the same taking into consideration the tolerance laws. In most of the countries, the tolerance laws are almost zero for the drivers ranging from age of eighteen to twenty one.

Alcohol and Breath Tests

Becoming uncooperative or rude in the situations when police conducts tests may prove to be against the interests of the charged person. So, it is always advised to cooperate with the police, as it does not matter to the police that what was the background of the person who was charged. Moreover, the refusal for the tests is also considered as a crime. The police conduct alcohol or breath tests so as to confirm that whether the person was undergoing DWI against the laws or not. The legal limit of alcohol also differs from vehicle to vehicle like for driving a truck the limit is 0.04%. The refusal for the tests can lead to suspension of the driver’s license for over a year.

In some countries, the laws for DWI have been made more strict and firm. If a person is charged with DWI for the first time, he will be relived on some conditions, but if the same person is found drunk again while driving, he might need to be a part of the court proceedings. In addition to this, in some parts of the world, the laws have also become complex to a great extent and person being charged with DWI will need to face the strict law proceedings against him with higher stakes and his license will be suspended for the same. Only an experienced defense attorney can help a person facing the DWI court proceedings.

Outcomes of DWI

The only way to stave off from all these situations is to do not drink while driving. Mixing drinking and driving is a big offense that can lead to suspension of driving license as well. Not only this, DWI can also lead to severe accidents and the driver can even loose his life. If the person is a chain drinker, there are several institutions like Houston DWI where people are trained to fight different situations and stave off from drinking habits. So, if you or any of your known persons are going through such problems, help them so that they can keep at bay from continuous drinking habits.

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