Cyber Attacks and IS Security Professionals

By: Aubrey Moulton

The White House has installed a new cyber security specialist. Formerly he worked for the Bush administration and is now uping the security on the country’s computer operation and correlating with the firms that operate 80 percent of those systems. Howard A. Schmidt, the former eBay executive, is the government's main cyber security expert.
Schmidt will have express communication with the president and will play a essential function in shielding America and its interests. The selection process to fill this job had dragged on for months and many had turned it down. It’s easy to comprehend why no one had previously taken the position. There is a lot of stress that comes with this job.
If there was even one error it could effectively shut down the government. When the North Koreans launched their cyber attacks at the U.S., myriad government sites were disabled. It cost professionals a few months to mend then upgrade all affected sites so this would not happen yet again. Having government sites attacked and shut down is one of America’s worst fears.
Because of these attacks, the government has made cyber security a big concern. They are cognizant of the significance of shielding not only sites but information. If these hackers can disable government sites they could clearly hack into military and national security systems. In order to protect themselves and the country they are seeking Information Technology and Information Systems Security Specialists to tirelessly work on defending the systems.
Cyber security experts have to be on the defense as well as the offense in order to protect data. Because of the stress and skills needed for this job, professionals make a pretty good living with the national average ranging from $60K and $89K per year. They work in a wide array of fields in public and private sectors. Thus far, government doesn’t have as many experts as they need, but the president and Congress appreciate the important role IT specialists play. In October the government was looking for 1,000 cyber security experts to work for the Department of Homeland Security.
Individuals who graduate in Information Systems Security go on to have thriving careers. They have a large range of skills that help guarantee the safety of their systems and customer’s information as well. Every day millions of attacks are aimed against the U.S. government computer systems. As the population becomes more technical and dependent on computers the threats increase. They are always looking for weaknesses and professionals have to work against those threats.
Information Security professionals fill a very important role in safeguarding the U.S. government - and businesses as well - from these hackers. There are millions of of threats that could potentially shut down systems and steal sensitive information. Experts make sure that security is top notch in protecting not only the public but private sector as well. Information can be dangerous and that’s why it is so important and crucial to maintain systems security.

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