Custom logo designers what they do?

By: william benn

A custom logo designer is a person who carries out the task of building a custom logo for a company or an individual (mostly companies).
This custom logo designer is also known as a business logo designer or corporate logo designer among his clients. He does not work alone, but works in with a team in an office environment.
But who provides work to a custom logo designer?
The company in which business logo designers work does not consist of designers alone, But there are some people who are the business executive and others who are content writers for that company. These bring the assignments and clients, whose requests are later filled up by custom logo designers.
These designers have few questions while assigning them work. So, if you want a logo then, be sure to answer them those questions. These questions will include, what is the name of company? What work it does? What industry it belongs to? And what type of logo the client basically wants?
As there are many different ideas of clients which they want to be depicted in there logo design. So, they have to do couple of multi tasks at time which includes research work for best suitability of their clients and then make an illustration according to the taste.
These illustrations are made perfect and then sent to clients for consideration
Usually more than three logo illustrations by three different corporate logo designers of company are made. These are then sent to client. Client has the option to either choose one of them. If he likes them then its fine otherwise he has the authority to reject all of them and ask for a new one. But this rarely happens, but frequently clients want some changes in one of the first 3 illustrations which are sent to them.
On the other hand bonuses are also awarded by the company to corporate logo designers on the number of projects approved by the clients in the first go.
This was a little concept and an idea about the job of a custom logo designer. In my previous article I posted about how you can become a logo designer for a company.
A little summary is practice and smoothly brush your illustrator skills after that whenever a vacancy opens in IT industry, avail it and remember to build a portfolio of some very good logos. You also can work alone and in home environment on free lancing or e-lancing sites.

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