Custom Subliminal Messages Demystified For You

By: Trevor Johnson

Custom subliminal messages can sometimes work magic without you even feeling it. My neighbor lost ten kilos over a period of a month by listening to some tapes. She later told me they were of music with custom subliminal messages! Of course she didn't give up her exercise program either. But, she asserted, the custom music enhanced the results.
But, what exactly are custom subliminal messages? For the uninitiated, these are phrases and ideas in the form of audio, visual or audio-visual combo cues sent to you in an indirect way. While you are watching a music video, there may be a hidden message to buy a product flashing in between the frames. Your mind cannot catch these messages but your subconscious can. Psychiatrists say the mind is more analytical while the subconscious is like a child and accepts everything that is told to it. Custom subliminal messages therefore, work straight on your subconscious effecting changes in the way you behave. Custom subliminal messages are being increasingly used for weight loss. You may not have the will power to avoid high-calorie food but your subconscious mind regularly told to do so will build an aversion in you against cakes and pastries!
The advertising world is based majorly on custom subliminal messages. Preferences or suggestions to buy certain products can be cleverly entwined in music and short movie clips. Custom subliminal messages are not like hypnotizing you. They are only suggestions to help you improve your life in areas of fitness, confidence etc. Custom subliminal messages are like teachers giving you instructions again and again. Neither can custom subliminal messages harm you or force you to do things against your ethics.
The technique of custom subliminal messages is not new. The credit of first discussing it goes to E.W. Scripture who wrote about it in The New Psychology in 1898. Since then, all types of mainstream media stories have come out about how businesses have boosted sales by using custom subliminal messages with clever advertising.
Today, the most popular use of custom subliminal messages is for therapy. Ranging from weight loss to complementing your healing program, there are CDs and DVDs available for all kinds of problems and solutions relation to personal and interpersonal aspects of one's life. However, before deciding to invest in any of these products, please verify the credentials of the expert offering them to you.

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Find out how you can make your own custom subliminal messages and discover how you can easily create silent subliminal messages.

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